Thursday, December 23, 2010

7pm, Heavy showers again over entire Srilanka for the 2nd day. more on way. Showers will reach S-E Tn in another 24 hrs.
Chennai - Mild drizzles possible due to spill over .. nothing much till 26-Dec.
Chennai - the easterlies in next 24hrs will not affect N. Tamilnadu OR Chennai ... so dry weather till 26-Dec.
Chennai - Will have another cold night and morning... temp now 8:10pm is 23.0 Deg C
The present Low circulation along S. Srilanka will boost the Easterlies that is goin to affect C and S-E Tamilnadu coast from 24-Dec.
A low circulation is lying along S-E of Srilanka and it'll slightly move west and stay there till 26-Dec...
An easterly wave would affect parts of south peninsular India from tomorrow ...
lowest minimum temperature of 3.3°C was recorded at Narnaul (Haryana) in the plains of the country
Showers to stay along S-E Tamilnadu till this year end.
More showers coming up for S-E Tamilnadu and even for Central Tamilnadu coast in next 24 to 48 hrs...