Saturday, November 03, 2012

Heavy showers for Central-coast,N,N-E Andhra to continue till monday..

Till monday, scattered showers are expected to continue along Karnataka coast and Orissa.

Till 6-Nov.. T.showers are expected over S,S-central Karnataka, S.Andhra, N,N-E Tamilnadu and #chennai.

A weak W.D is expected to reach W,N-W Kashmir by tomorrow evening and persist for 24hrs.
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia Heavy rains now in Chetpet , Chennai (8:24pm)

RT @rangats: @vasudevan_k @ramyakannan todays rain in past 15 minutes is heavier than what Nilam brough to chennai when it crossed

RT @maddysutrave: @weatherofindia its pouring here in mogappair, #chennai (8:23pm)
#chennai - 8:16pm, sharp showers now in Pallavaram zone.
#chennai - 7:30pm, a strong and wide Thunder storm is sweeping into city from N-W, W.!
The remnant of Nilam as a circulation over N,N-E Andhra is expected to persist and die over there in another 36hrs.
Today a fresh circulation is seen over Indian ocean along 4th parallel, Just at mouth of Bay ..

Today a fresh easterlies has started to push into S-E Bay... this is expected to reach Tamilnadu coast along with the circulation on 7-Nov

Present circulation along 4th parallel is expected to enter into Bay and push N-W towards Tamilnadu coast by 6-Nov.. 
Remnant of Cyclone Nilam as a circulation is expected to persist over N,N-E Andhra for another 24hrs..

6:30pm, Going by latest satellite IR.. it suggests that the circulation is now over N-E Andhra and along S.Orissa.. 
RT @aknarendranath: Thick blanket of smog engulfs Delhi as temperatures continue to dip @weatherofindia 
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 5.00pm, Sunny with cloudy day, slight drizzle in the evening and menacing dark clouds approaching fm West.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 5.40pm, Dark clouds and Heavy downpour at the moment, South Bangalore. 

Forecast for Sunday 4th / Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th:

Sunday 4th:  Most of the clouding seen on Sunday clearing away.
Rain lingering along AP Orissa coast and Bengal coast. Heavy rainfall around Vizag. Some light rains around Goa and Chennai/Bangalore in the evening. 
Much of Maharashtra will be dry.

Monday 5th: Heavier rainfall continues around the Vizag regions. Around 2 days, areas around Vizag get good showers. 
Odd thundershower popping up around Chennai and Bangalore. 
Cloudy and light rains in AP and adjoining Vidarbha. 
Cloudy and light showers in coastal Bengal. 
Light/Medium showers increase in S.I. Karnataka and adjoining TN.

Tuesday 6th: Rains continue in S.I.Karnataka and adjoining AP and TN. 
Decrease in the other AP regions.

City forecast on Vagaries..

Chennai - 3:45pm, heavy rain seen over N, N-W from city at around 60km

#chennai - Showers from W,S-W possible again today ! Signs of early rain today !
S-W monsoon style T.showers expected today as well over S.Andhra, #chennai & N-E.Tamilnadu after 6pm... 
Remnant of Cyclone Nilam still persists as a low level circulation over S-E Maharastra & N.Andhra ..

And still the wind direction over entire S.Peninsula is from S-W.. and expected to persist till 5/6-Nov.

On 6-Nov, a fresh easterlies will push into S-E Bay and a circulation is also expected around that time..

Upto 6-Nov, the moisture presence due to remnant of Nilam into N,N-E.Andhra, Chatisgarh, Orissa, Jharkand & Bengal is expected to persist.