Sunday, November 08, 2009

Latest Satellite (8:30pm IST) shows heavy cloud formation just east of Chennai .. so more showers expected..
chennai - Another shower lashing parts of chennai now 9:05pm this time with winds.
Chennai - Presently the cloud formation and movement is from EAST.. still this persists we'll have sudden & short sharp showers.
Chennai - Rain rate will reduce from monday afternoon and after 11-Nov-09 till 16-Nov-09 there's very less rain predicted.
Present LOW pressure is just south of Lakshadweep islands and west of Cochin ..
GFS predicts VERY heavy showers over north-west Maharastra on 10-Nov-09 ..very odd for this time of yr ..
GFS predicts intermittent showers for north TN coast to continue till Tuesday, afternoon ..
Chennai - might get a long Rain break and will break open around early hrs of 9-Nov-09
Cloud formation bit subdued along Chennai coast ..
Satellite shows a marked LOW just west of Cochin .. Gulf of Mannar and Pondicherry coast is also receiving super showers.
News:: Schools and Colleges will remain closed on Monday in Pondicherry... due to continuing heavy showers.
RT @SriramPS: A lil respite fm rain today. Weather is cool in chennai. Loving it.
Chennai - Just now a shower has passed over Red hills area.
Chennai - Good low cloud movement from East.. When clouds move in from East, heavy showers are on.. sooner rather than later.
Very heavy showers for north TN coast for Monday evening as well ..
Chennai - So far this month 395.5 mm.. this is good but more needed to finish off this year's deficient
Satellite shows, Heavy showers over west central TN and more to come along North coastal TN ..
Chennai - After the early morning super shower, now 11:44am its cloudy with some low cloud formation from perfect east.