Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#Chennai late evening T shower, 18-Sep

Chennai - 9:43pm, heavy rain just started over Polichalur.

gsankar2011Sep 18, 9:46pm via Twitter for Android
@weatherofindia Wah. It's raining in Chennai. Haven't had such accurate prediction of rain. Good job.

@weatherofindia pouring in Ambattur! Wow! Loving it

@weatherofindia loving this...rain here always pleases me :-)

@weatherofindia heavy rain near cenotaph road. Chennai - 10 pm

@weatherofindia Traffic Congestion in Mount road due to heavy rain.

It's pouring crazy in Chennai western suburbs - Mugalivakkam, Porur for the last half an hour!! @weatherofindia

It's raining cats & dogs in #Mandaveli#Chennai @chennaiweather@weatherofindia

@weatherofindia Heavy rain with massive thunder n ligthning in vadapalani!!#chennairain

#Chennai Rain alert, 9pm

@mihirkparekh >> #Goa, karnataka coast, S coast Maharastra - can get more heavy and V.Heavy rain on Thursday, Firday and even into Saturday.

#Chennai - 9pm, A heavy T Shower system is nearing city from W-N-W. This system may cover entire Chennai city. May reach in 30 to 40 min !

Heavy rain over #Kolkata, 6pm

RT @bumblme: raining cats and dogs for almost an hour now... #Hyderabad #rains 5:51 PM @weatherofindia 

#Kolkata - 6:04pm, very heavy rains lashing .
130 mms/hr rainfall going on ....
strong thunderstorm

#Chennai - 6:45pm, Showers continue over Ponneri zone even now. Showers expected to push into city before 9/10pm.

Update on N Bay and N.Karnataka circulations !

#Chennai - 4:15pm, #HOT at 35 C (feels like 39 C). And showers seen over Ponneri zone North from city at around 30km.

4:30pm, HEAVY rain over Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, N Chatisgarh, N,N-E Andhra, S Maharastra due to circulations... 

Bangalore - 4:03pm, "quick rain at domlur zone"

Belgaum - 5:30pm, "Its over cast condition from yesterday with intermittent drizzling.Yesterday night got a heavy rain for one hour."

Today, there was 2 circulations, one over N Bay along Bengal and another over S-central Maharastra ... 

Today, the low level Anti-cyclone persists over N-W,N-central India ...

The N-central Anti-cyclone and the weakened monsoon axis will not allow the N-W movement of Bay circulation.

The N Bay circulation may drift S-W along coast upto N-E Andhra coast in next 2 days.

Today, there's an upper level circulation seen over N Karnataka and N-W Andhra, Hyderabad ... 
The N Karnataka circulation is also expected to persist in almost same zone for next 2 days.

Kolkata - 5:36pm, "Its raining here."