Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sullurupeta - "we got some rain in morning"

More heavy rain for S Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu.

Yesterday's #Bangalore rain was "Due to a low level circulation over N Karnataka, S Maharastra and Easterlies from Bay."

Due to a low level circulation over S Maharastra.. scattered rain expected over S,central,S-W, West Maharastra on today evening, Monday.
Before tomorrow evening, scattered heavy rain for S,S-central,S-W Karnataka, W,N-W,central,S Tamilnadu, central,S Kerala.
HEAVY rain for S Kerala and S tip Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari district) to continue during next 2 days.

"05B" named as Cyclone LEHAR

RT @jamewils: @weatherofindia now at Kottiyam, Kollam, Kerala we are receiving heavy rainfall...yep when it rains it pours! (12:24pm)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 12.30pm, After overnight heavy downpour, today,  Bright Sunshine with passing clouds.. 

"05B" is named now as Cyclone LEHAR.
Position 10.16N , 94.20E.
Pressure around 989mb
Winds upto 115 kmph... 
12pm, Cyclone LEHAR, slowly pushing across Andaman Islands.

Invest 07 B

The IMD-NOAA envisaged "Tropical Cyclone Project" -[Hurricane WRF] generated the swath of wind at 10 m height.

As of now [24113/1130 hrs IST] H-WRF estimated Max wind about 66kts (at 10 m height over sea) and minimum pressure is  about 992 hPa.

  1. The invest 07B induces and creates outer band (arcs) that passes through 80 Deg East and 77 Deg East.
  2. This gives rain fall near North TN  coastal and  SW interior TN [along and off 10 Deg North]

Easterlies has pushed into Tamilnadu coast ... and rain seen ALL along interior, central,N Tamilnadu coast

RT @Ck_Mohammed: @weatherofindia @WeatherChennai Heavy Rain Over Coast Of #ECR & #Thiruvanmiyur ! #ThunderStroms Tooo .. ! (2:57am)

#Chennai - till 9am, IWM weather station recorded 4.5mm

#Chennai - 10:05am, WARM now with temperature around 30 C.
Showers expected towards evening.. this may be the last rain for next 4 days.

#Bangalore recorded 107mm till 8:30am today.
#Bangalore - more rain expected today as well... but may not materialize  till late evening due to yesterday's heavy downpour.

"05B" - Intensifies into Cyclone and first landfall expected over Little Andaman

7:30am ADT Analysis indicates that "05B" has intensified into a cyclone with pressure around 992mb.
Winds upto 110kmph.
During past 12hrs it has moved N-W, and present position is plotted here ...
Now it's nearing 10N, thereby removing the option of hitting central Tamilnadu coast.
The cyclone will be named as LEHAR in next 6hrs.

Satellite visible at 8am show deep convection over its N,N-W,N-E,E quadrants.

Cyclone is set to make its first landfall over Little Andaman, Indira bazaar zone in next 12hrs... and continue to move W-N-W into Bay.
Already HEAVY rain seen ALL over Andaman Islands... more heavy rain and high winds expected over the Islands during next 18hrs.

This is the latest JTWC forecast path for "05B"... a long way to go for Indian mainland.