Friday, September 16, 2011

chennai - More drizzles over S. Chennai suburbs now !
5:30pm, Heavy showers over E,central Madhyapradesh, E. Maharastra, S-E UP, Jharkand, Orissa and central ,S. Bengal ..
chennai - Pallavaram, Chromepet and Tambaram zone had another sharp shower at 5:55pm . Cloud formations continue over W,S-W of Chennai
RT @gravikumar: Rain started at Adyar, Chennai area now. (4:22pm)
chennai - for the past 30 min is having strong Sea breeze from S-E
chennai - had a localized cloud formation over S-W suburbs of city and it's raining now 4:05pm over Pallavaram, Chromepet zone
chennai - presently 1:36pm, having stiff wind from West, this may hinder Sea breeze and then cloud formation.
chennai - Today as well.. readings and forecasts suggest evening T.showers... but ..
chennai - after overnight Rain all along western corridor of chennai.. today it's CLEAR, HOT and HUMID again.
Gurgaon :: Kerala-type rain hits city, mall basements flooded...
Afternoon T.showers for Andhra coast and N.Tamilnadu coast will continue till 22-Sep and beyond ...
Rainfall intensity ALL over India will start to come down from 17-Sep.. except for E. Uttarpradesh and Bihar.
Today the circulation is over Bihar and E. Uttarpradesh... COLA suggests that this circulation may last till 22-Sep..