Friday, November 28, 2014

Karaikal - 5:56pm, Dark clouds pushing in from north west now in Karaikal. Quite chilly here.

9:30am, most of Kerala, Tamilnadu, S Karnataka is cloudy now.
Showers continue along S-E,central-coast Tamilnadu ..

Chennai - 11am, continue to be cloudy with winds at times. Temperature is 28.4 C now. NO rain expected till today evening !
Chennai - If the present S-W Bay circulation moves W,W-N-W, then Showers will push into city from evening, late-evening today!

Now the S-W Bay circulation is seen over S-W Bay along N-E Srilanka ... 
At present wind gusts seen along central,S-E,S coast Tamilnadu, Gulf Mannar from North.

Latest GFS expects the circulation to persist over same zone for 2 days and fizzle out.
Remember so far this Bay circulation has proved most models wrong!

GFS predicts heavy showers to persist for S-E,central coast and S,S-central Tamilnadu till Saturday evening.. 
GFS predicts that, for next 2 days the rain will be confined below 12N of Tamilnadu coast (upto Pondicherry coast) .
For next 2 days - GFS also expects LESS or NO rain for N-coast Tamilnadu and Chennai !!

But BBC model suggests HEAVY rain for N,central coast Tamilnadu, Chennai from today evening to Sunday noon.. 
BBC model suggests showers for S-coast Andhra as well from today late-evening till Sunday morning !... 

Weather Instagram at November 28, 2014 at 09:40AM

Karaikal - 7:33am, steady drizzle. Moderate showers now at 8:35am. #weather

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