Saturday, August 06, 2011

Massive Solar Flare rip through Earth's magnetic Field: Heighten alert for Earthquakes and Volcanoes

100Mev proton burst has been recorded on August 4th, with ongoing high proton flux, along with earth-facing coronal holes.  Solar flares are associated with earthquakes, volcanoes and other disasters. The Leh cloudburst occurred hours after a solar flare. But this one is much bigger. A 1MeV proton burst is a massive burst and Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and weatherman, has predicted August 8-10  the danger period.
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UK Met Office finally concedes that Global Warming has Paused

This is a significant admission, a game changer of sort as the one of the premier warmist climate centre, the UK Met office concedes that since 1998 there had been no sign of warming. Hence their lame explanation why this is so.