Sunday, February 09, 2014

Synoptic Weather Situation expected in The Indian Sub-Continent for the next 4 days : Monday 10th Feb -  Thursday 13th Feb:

As on Sunday, a WD (not numbered) situated in the upper air over Northern Pakistan and adjoining Afghanistan moves away N/NE.
The winds currently are sweeping from N/NW along the entire plains of Northern India and Pakistan, and also along the sub Himalayan plains, Central India and Western India.
Monday: Cold conditions and below normal temperatures in Northern Pakistan, Central Sindh and Northern/Western and Central India next 2 nights. Lowest in next 2 nights in Punjab plains could reach 1/2c.

Tuesday, we could possibly see a Line of Wind Discontinuity (LWD) running East-West roughly from the W.Bengal/Odisha border on the East Coast of India westwards towards Chattisgarh.
Winds South of the LWD would be SW and NE North of the trough. This may possibly bring light to moderate showers to Northern Odisha (Including Sambhalpur) and adjoining Coastal Bengal.
Kolkata will be cloudy with light rains in some areas of city or vicinity.
Cloudy in Northern Pakistan and Western Nepal.

Wednesday, the trough would possibly stretch upto West MP, with strong Easterlies blowing along the line across Central India. Southern parts of the LWD will see South winds (Nagpur), and North winds in UP and Bihar..Kolkata could cloudy skies and light rains in some parts.
Chances of Westerly winds over Mumbai from Wednesday, would bring in moisture and show a gradual rise in temperatures...hitherto pleasant and around 15c/16c (Scruz) till Tuesday of the week.
Delhi NCR also remains below normal next 2 nights, with lows reaching 6/7c.
Chennai, now pleasant and comfortable as per its normal, was 17.8c on Sunday morning. Would expect the temperatures to be around 18/19c till Tuesday , with a rise from Wednesday.

Cloudy weather in North Pakistan.Clearing after Wednesday.
Islamabad will be partly cloudy till Tuesday with lows around 3/4c next 2 nights.
Karachi clear, with a range  between 26c and 11/12c.

Thursday: There is a chance that the trough may have an embedded low , somewhere over Central India by Thursday. Winds would be anti clockwise around the low.The winds at the 500 hp level are expected to pick up speed, and aided by the jet streams may reach around 45-50 knts in the W/SW direction across the Indian region. This would mean ideal conditions at 18500 feet for clouds to appear.
Clouding could cover the region from Konkan across North Mah into Central India towards the low.
Clouds appearing with light rains in Nagpur on Thursday.
Clouds would also show up in Mumbai on Thursday night or Friday.

Low ( being in the trough), can strengthen from Friday, and move N/Ne from central India location to N and NE India. Precipitation for Kathmandu from this system....brief update on Tuesday night on developments.

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