Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chennai - A warm evening 31.2°C with good breeze from Sea (east) ... Goin to be a Thundery night for South Tamilnadu.
Massive thunder storms over Gulf of Mannar and inching towards South Tamilnadu coast now 8:01pm..
While Adilabad again records the highest maximum temperature of 43 degree Celsius in South India
Cloud burst over south Kerala on 26-Mar .. Thiruvananthapuram 18, Kayamkulam (Alapuzha dt) 12, Cherthala and Haripad (both Alapuzha dt) 8 CM
earthhour .. India should participate in this cause. Lets switch OFF every electrical appliances at 8:30 PM TODAY for 1hr (30 min from now)
India should take part in today's earthhour organized by WWF ..
Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour.
Heavy moisture can be seen over south Tamilnadu and Kerala and South-west Bay ..
On 26-Mar, Minimum temperatures are below normal by 2-3°C over Kerala
Heat wave conditions may continue over parts of Uttar Pradesh, northeast Madhya Pradesh and Bihar during next 24 hours
On 26-Mar, High temp. recorded are Gaya and Varanasi: 42.1°C each, Jhansi and Bali: 42.0 °C each
On 26-Mar, As expected Heavy showers for North-East and south Tamilnadu and South Kerala ...
Tamilnadu & Kerala are going to be cloudy with high chance of thunder showers till wednesday (31-Mar) ... .
Latest sat. shows, already HUGE thunder cells over south-central and south-west Bay .. ...along East srilanka coast
Nagercoil - Kanyakumari district got 2 rounds of thunder showers yesterday.(26-Mar).
Afternoon showers for south Tamilnadu will continue till mid of next week.
Good easterly moisture has started seeping into south and south-east Tamilnadu... Some heavy thunder showers expected over this region.
Chennai - Some moisture is creeping into North Tamilnadu coast as well.. This may spark some afternoon thunder showers.
Chennai - today it's HOT and crossed 35 deg... 35.3°C (11:12am)