Thursday, July 25, 2013

#Kolkata - 8:47pm

#Kolkata - 8:47pm, "very heavy rains in parts of south kolkata right now"

Davangere - "Intermittent showers"

Davangere - 2:54pm, "Sun was out in the morning after so many days, but after that frequent strong and long showers occurred"

Belgaum - "Another wet day"

  • Today also Belgaum experienced a wet day. 
    Yesterday city recorded 40mm and airport 20mm.

    9am, Today

    5pm, Today

#Delhi - 2pm, A spell of heavy shower .. Photo Essay

Photos by our Twitter follower @ganpatteli1  for  @weatherofindia

#Chennai - Cloudy for 4th consecutive day

#Chennai - 4:30pm, Cloud cover continues from Morning.. and this is 4th consecutive day. Today it was HUMID than yesterday.

#Chennai - 4:35pm, NO sign of rain yet. Low level Sea breeze has set in an hour back. Today as well showers forecast after 6pm.

On 24-Jul, S.coast Andhra got good rain ... Gudur (dist Nellore) 7 cm

Satellite IR at 3pm

3pm, HEAVY rain over W.Uttarpradesh into #Delhi, N,N-W,E.Madhyapradesh, S,E.Rajasthan, N,E,S-E.Gujarat .. 

3pm, Showers continue over #Kerala, Karnataka coast. Less showers seen along Maharastra coast...

Entire N,N-E,N-W Bay is active due to presence of fresh N.Bay circulation.

3 low level circulations today, one over E,N-E.Gujarat,  E.Madhyapradesh and N.Chatisgarh and over S.Bengal, N.Bay ..