Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will there be a final showdown??

Will there be a final showdown of rain in Chennai before the end of this Season..??
As far as the latest GFS models, the answer is "NO".
Latest satellite pic shows some activity near the west of Srilanka.

These cloud formations in southern bay would not move North or North-westwards, unless the Anticyclone seen over Northern bay region moves away.(pls view following image for Anti-cyclone over north bay). That anticyclone is there for the past 15 days.

Latest "Sea Surface Temperature Chart" also shows cooling down near the tamilnadu coast as well as central bay. This phenomenon will drastically reduce the cloud formation over the Bay.

The low cloud formation during mornings have reduced. Today it was almost NIL.
Only good thing is the North-east air current is strong without carrying any moisture. For the past 3 nights, the minimum temperature was not low, this time of year it should be COLD around 21 degrees.

Last: "97A" in Arabian sea (remnant of 07B) is turning BACK, this is a very rare phenomenon. We'll report on it if it gathers strength and moves in a East Direction.