Friday, March 27, 2015

RT @laxmanjadhav: @SkymetWeather thunderstorm  in nashik @weatherofindia 6:51pm

2015's Kal Baisaki is here .. scattered T showers over Bihar, W,central Bengal, Jharkhand into N,S Odisha, N-E Andhra 
4:30pm, T showers also seen over W-ghats of N-W,W Maharastra, N-W, S W-ghats of Karnataka ..

Today, in low-levels a circulation has formed over Bihar.. and this is seasonal and has started the Kal Baisakhi .. 
This low-level circulation will start the "violent" T showers over Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, N Odisha and into central, N zones of NE states
The low-level circulation over Bihar is expected to persist and will drop a N-S trough upto S Tamilnadu in next 10 days !

Kal Baisakhi is already happening and more T showers for Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, N-E states expected during next 24hrs !

Weather Instagram at March 27, 2015 at 09:24AM

Chennai - mild mornings continue, morning temp will rise by 1 C in next 10 days. #weather

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