Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Thursday Heavy rains in Karnataka, coastal and Interior, and Goa. Heavy falls in isolated places.
Mumbai: Cloudy and very stuffy. Warm day and night....light drizzles in some parts in evening, specially Eastern Surbubs.
Eastern Outer Townships: Cloudy with thundery developments by afternoon/evening. Squally winds in some pockets from local over heating. Thunder showers likely in some parts and vicinity.
Ghat regions too will get evening thunder showers.
South Konkan will get showers, which will prove damaging to existing mango fruits.

Friday, rains decreasing in the Konkan and Interior Karnataka. Around Goa, heavy rains persist in pockets around the ghats.
But increase in rains in adjacent AP. Heavy showers for Hyderabad on Friday, as system moves there.
Some isolated thunder heads may still pop up around ghat regions around Mumbai. A cell may drift and bring rains to some parts.

Saturday, rains decrease.

from vagaries
#chennai - 10:39pm, sharp shower just started over Polichalur zone.

RT @Ck_Mohammed: Heavy Rain Over The Coast Of ECR & Thiruvanmiyur #Chennai #India #RainInSummer @chennaiweather @weatherofindia 10:46pm

Belgaum - Heavy Rain in @8pm ...

Davengere - Raining today....not thundershowers, 8:29pm

Severe Dust storm followed by Heavy rain lashed Badlapur today dated 07-05-2014

 Just see how the dust was blown due to squally gusty winds !! Never experienced such huge dust clouds from ground to 200 feet above ground..

 After the Dust storm, then rain was approaching towards Badlapur from SE direction.

                                   Heavy rain was lashing at 4.40pm today.

Badlapur recorded 23mm rainfall till 5.30pm today. Temp down to 25.7c while it was raining. 

 All dust got nice cleaned up after heavy rains..

2:30pm, More T showers over S,S-central, central Tamilnadu and over S,central Kerala ... 

#Chennai - 3:20pm, Showers seen over W-N-W and S-E from city at around 40 to 60km... 
More rain ahead before midnight

#Hot at 3:10pm, 
Ahmedabad = 44 C
Lucknow, Nagpur, Jamshedpur = 40 C
Patna = 39 C
Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur = 38 C

On 6-May...
Amristar = 44 C
Barmer = 44.4 C
Jodhpur = 41.4 C
Bhuj = 43 C
Rajkot = 42.6 C
Rentachinthala = 40 C

Low pressure "91B" - 7-May-2014

Looks awesome ..
07th May 2014
current wind at 850 hPa
Low Pressure
Situated Close to Trivandrum , Kerela ///

RT @_poorvaja: Rains start again in #Madurai. It is pouring right now!  @weatherofindia (1:08pm)

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 2.15pm, Some relief from the Summer.. Cloudy skies and slight drizzle yesterday... 

RT @uzair432: @weatherofindia Clear blue sky with low level and medium level clouds in  #hyderabad. (11:08am)

RT @nandhuajith: Such a heavy rain here in #Cochin, #kerala..!  (2:23pm)

"91B" - Now over S-E corner Arabian sea near Trivandrum

Latest analysis at 11:30am, suggests that LOW pressure system is now over S-E corner of Arabian sea very near to Trivandrum, Kerala.
At present the pressure is around 1006mb and slightly disorganized.
And NO sign of developing into a Depression or Cyclone in next 48hrs.
12:30pm, Satellite Visible shot reveals ... HEAVY rain continue over S tip, S,S-central,central,N,N-E Tamilnadu and over S, central-coast, W-ghats of Kerala.

GFS models suggests that, 91B will drift North along Kerala coast during next 36hrs and reach central Karnataka coast on Tomorrow noon.
By 9-May, it'll drift inland into central Karnataka, N-central Andhra and weaken.
The system is then expected to merge with the N-S trough extending from Bihar, E Uttarpradesh at that time.

Widespread HEAVY rain expected over MOST of Kerala, S,S-W, W-ghats, Nilgiris of Tamilnadu during next 24hrs.
Scattered showers expected over central,N,N-E Tamilnadu during next 24hrs.
Showers to continue along central,N Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai till tomorrow evening.

VERY HEAVY rain expected along W-ghats of Kerala during next 24hrs.

VERY Heavy rainfall stats (mm) till 8:30am today ::
Lower Papanasam - 408
Papanasam - 300
Manimuthar - 266
Kanadiyan - 255
Ambasamudram - 225
Alangulam - 225
Kadanadhi - 200
Ramanadhi - 190
Nanguneri - 174
Cheranmahadevi - 152
Upper Kodayar - 125
Kalakkad - 121
North Pachiyaru - 121
Lower Kodayar - 119
Kanyakumari - 118
Kollidam - 110
RT @nitin16494: Finally rain #darkasshit @ Kozhikode( Calicut), Kerala India (10:23am)

#Chennai rain today morning !

#chennai - 8:10am, showers seen south of #Tambaram. More sharp showers expected. #weather

#chennai  - 8:25am, sharp showers #now with #bright #sunlight. Polichalur zone.
IWM station Polichalur records 7.5mm till 8:40am.

anantha9:10am via Twitter for Android
And here comes the second rain-shower of the day. cc @chennaiweather@weatherofindia #Chennai

Heavy rain in Taramani @chennaiweather@weatherofindia

Its pouring at Tharamani Chennai Cc @weatherofindia