Saturday, August 03, 2013

#Chennai rain from 9:45pm

RT @maddysutrave: @weatherofindia #chennai - impeccable prediction of rain.. Though showers are heavy #mogappair 09.45pm 

RT @amruthaupendran: .@weatherofindia Spot on. Stepped out of restaurant at 10.05 in #tnagar and it was pouring... #chennai 

RT @am_venkatesh: @weatherofindia mild shower in anna nagar #chennai 10:07pm

RT @archvivekh: Raining cats and dogs in ambattur for the past 30 mins @weatherofindia accompanied with lightening and thunder! YAY! 10:10pm

RT @joesat: #Chennai - Raining steadily for the past one hour @weatherofindia #palavakkam 22:45 

#Chennai - 10:45pm, Heavy T.showers seen near Airport zone ... 

#Chennai - 11pm, Polichalur zone getting strong drizzles.

Analysis and forecast for next 2 days

A weak upper level circulation over N-central Bay is expected to move into position on tomorrow, now seen along E.Bay 
A weak low level circulation is expected to be along N-W.Bay along Odisha coast on 4/5-Aug .. 

During next 24 to 48hrs, high vorticity seen along S.Chatisgarh, N,N-E.Andhra and S,central Odisha... Scattered rain expected in these zones
During next 36,48 hrs.. high Vorticity also seen over N-W.Bihar as well.

Scattered rain expected for S.Odisha, S.chatisgarh, N-E.Andhra during next 36hrs ... 
Less rain expected for most of N,N-W,W,central India and even for Maharastra and Karnataka coast during next 36hrs..
Showers for #Kerala to continue during next 36hrs.
On Monday, scattered heavy rain expected for N,N-E.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, S.Odisha and over N,N-W,E.Bihar.. 

On Monday, Rain expected for E,S-E.Maharastra as well.
From tomorrow, scattered rain expected for N.Bengal, Sikkim, N,central zones of N-E states.

#Chennai - light showers in next 1 or 2 hrs

#Chennai - 6:14pm, W,S-W suburbs get ready for some mini light showers in next 1 / 2 hour.

-- update at 7:39pm --

#Chennai - 7:39pm, a mini shower is nearing W,S-W,S suburbs of city in next 30 min.

#Chennai - light showers touched zones south of Tambaram and some parts of S-S-W suburbs at around 8:20pm.

-- update at 9pm --

#Chennai - 9pm, another round of light showers approaching suburbs, this time for N-W,N and W. Expected to reach in next 15 to 30 min.

Malout, S-W Punjab - #HOT

Malout - 2:42pm, "at present very hot and clouds clear out... now totaly cear sky and winds also stopped"

Past 30 days of Monsoon - LESS rain over East India

From 3-Jul to 1-Aug-2013, LESS rain seen over Bihar, E.Uttarpradesh, Chatisgarh, Jharkhand and even Odisha ... 
In past 30 days, Rain is seen in excess over central, N.Peninsula and along S-W coast of India...

#Chennai and #Bangalore - Today

#Chennai - 2pm, #HOT and humid, temperature is around 35 C now. Less cloud formations seen at present.

#Bangalore - 2:12pm, mild breeze from W-S-W. Temperature around 30 C.

After 4pm, High vertical velocity expected over N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S,S-E.Karnataka, S.Andhra. Moderate Rain expected in these zones.

Moderate short showers also expected for #Bangalore after 4pm today.

Heavy rain over Kerala and S.Pakistan

1pm, Heavy rain over S,S-central Pakistan and over Kerala, S.coast Karnataka ... 

1pm, Rain also seen over N.Gujarat and into S,S-E.Rajasthan as well ...

S.Pakistan showers are due to the circulation seen over N.Arabian sea along S.Pakistan and W.Gujarat ... 

Another weak low level circulation is seen over N.Bay along S.Bengal ... 

11 a.m KARACHI 03RD AUG 2013

heavy rains in karachi , pakistan