Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016 at 11:02PM

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January 21, 2016 at 11:55AM

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COLD night and days expected for N,NW,central India, on 21,22,23,24th

Today, the remnant low-level circulation of WD can be seen over N Bengal .. expected to weaken and may persist over Bangladesh & NE states!
Today again showers expected over N,central zones of NE states of #India.
On 22,23-Jan less or NO rain expected !

NO W.D system expected for N,NW India till Monday, 25-Jan, morning.
Hoping a foggy, cold morning for #Delhi on #RepublicDay !

Next 3 days, N,NW,N-central,central,E-central India... below normal nights,mornings and normal Day temps expected...

Rain ahead for SE,S Tamilnadu and for Chennai on 23,24-Jan

Today analysis show that the moisture is pushing east and almost exiting SE coast of India except over Tamilnadu...
9:30am, Visible shows, WD clouding is over Odisha coast, Bengal, Bangladesh into NE states of India... 
9:30am, Thick #Fog over Punjab, Haryana, entire Uttarpradesh and into Bihar, N,NE Rajasthan, N,NE Madhyapradesh
9:30am, One can observe the clouding over SE,S-central Bay due to approaching easterlies ...

Easterlies has pushed upto S-central Bay and will push West in next 36hrs ...
Easterlies expected to reach central, SE Tamilnadu coast on afternoon of Saturday ...

On Saturday, there'll be Wind confluence and dry air & moist air collision "zone" expected along S-coast Andhra to Chennai to N-coast TN.
This can influence some NE monsoon style showers along S-coast Andhra, #Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu on 22,23,24-Jan...
From Saturday noon into Sunday evening scattered moderate rain expected along central,SE-coast,S Tamilnadu due to easterlies !
Today, due to remnant moisture from Arabian sea can pop T showers over N,NW,W,W-ghats Tamilnadu, S,SE Karnataka and S Andhra.

#Chennai - Will have warm day & night & morning till Sunday.
Scattered Mini showers expected on Friday.
Moderate rain on Saturday.