Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Today, the low-level circulation over Mouth of S Bay along 5th parallel persists ... 
The convective activity around this S Bay circulation can be seen in this 5:30pm satellite IR ... 

The S Bay circulation is expected to drift towards mouth of Gulf Mannar on 5-Apr ... 
From tomorrow, the easterlies is expected to be strong along most of Tamilnadu coast ... so Cloudy days with less temperature is expected.
In the mean time, T showers over W-ghats Kerala, S Kerala and S Tamilnadu to continue till 4-Apr.

GFS model expects scattered rain on 5-Apr, due to upcoming circulation over S,S-E Tamilnadu ... 
Heavy rain expected over S tip Tamilnadu and S Kerala on 5,6-Apr !!

#HOT at 3:40pm..
Nagpur = 41 C
Thiruchirapalli = 40 C
Hyderabad, Lucknow = 39 C
Ahmedabad, Jamshedpur = 38 C
Bangalore, Kolkata, Patna = 37C

#Chennai - 3:40pm, Warm at 33 C, with sea breeze from E-S-E.

Yesterday's #HOT towns (especially Andhra)... 
Ramgundam = 40.3 C
Sholapur, Gulbarga = 40.6 C
Rentachintala = 41.9 C
Anantapur = 42 C

#HOT Tamilnadu on 1-Apr...
Karur, Thiruchirapalli, Tirupathur = 40 C
Vellore = 40.4 C
Madurai = 39.2 C
Salem = 39.5 C

Gusty Dry North winds blowing in Badlapur(02-04-2014)

Gusty Winds producing localized mini Dust storm like conditions here..

Badlapur max temp 36.0°C with min humidity of 16% today.. Dry (less humid) weather continues in start of April also!!

3:30pm, W.D showers seen over Kashmir, Himachal, N Uttarakhand and over light rain scattered over E Punjab .. 
3:30pm, T showers also seen over S,S-central Karantaka, S Kerala, S Tamilnadu.. ..

S,S-central Karnataka T showers are due to low-level N-S trough persisting from N Chatisgarh to S-W Karnataka and to S Tamilnadu !
Today, the low-level trough from N Chatisgarh to S-W Karnataka and to S Tamilnadu persists ... 

The mouth of South Bay circulation persists today ...

Time Lapse video of #Kolkata Thunderstorm, 23-Mar-2014