Sunday, December 05, 2010

RT @sivajitv: 166 killed in tn due to heavy rain
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As per latest GFS models the present S.Arabian sea LOW "95A" will become as depression and cross Goa and Karnataka coast on 10/11-Dec.
Latest IMD, NOGAPS, COLA and EFS models suggest a depression crossing Goa and Karnataka coast on 10/11-Dec..
"94B" is still over S-W Bay and near N-N-E Srilanka coast.. Heavy showers for Central and N.Tamilnadu coast will continue for another 24 hrs
RT @nandusree: Rain holiday declared for schools in Chennai tom...looks like it gonna be a bright and sunny day...Govt's way of tackling the weather!
"Weather of India" is now in Facebook ... Please visit our Facebook page here ... (or)
Another low circulation system over Arabian sea "95A"(position 6.6N,67.6E).This could be the one which'll move N-E and develop as Depression
Chennai - central and N.Tamilnadu coast will have medium to heavy showers for another 24 hrs with wind gusts upto 40 kmph at times.
RT @ndtvhindu: RAIN SHUTS SCHOOLS-Schools to remain closed in Chennai on Monday as rain lashes city.
RT @ndtvhindu: RAIN SHUTS SCHOOLS-Rain shuts schools in Trichy, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Thiruvarur.
8pm, Heavy cloud cover now over N. Tamilnadu coast as well, Entire S-W and W.central Bay is very active ..
RT @psbbm09: Rain Holiday declaration on Monday, 6th December for all Schools in Chennai will be uploaded on the School website too.
RT @jmr_chn: Rain has intensified! Chennai (5:16pm)
RT @samygopal: Strong surface winds and Heavy rain to slam Coastal TN today ..
Chennai - now drizzles have become even more stronger... 5:17pm... non-stop from early morning.
2pm, Entire S-E and Central Tamilnadu coast is under heavy cloud cover ...
RT @incorrectindian: RT @AmolSMathur: Absolutely! Chennai's rain is nice. RT @incorrectIndian: So it rains rains and rains
Chennai - From morning.. till now 2:54pm its Drizzling .. Drizzling ... Drizzling... with stiff wind at times.
12pm, Very heavy cloud activity over present location of "94B"... N, N-E Srilanka..
Entire S-W peninsula will have strong westerlies from 7-Dec till 13-Dec.. So NO N-E monsoon rains during this period for Tamilnadu.
Both the Sea are going to be very active due to a strong westerly travelling across central India from 7 to 12-Dec..
COLA-GFS model predicting cyclone landfall over S-W Maharastra on 11-Dec.. .. same time N-E Bay will have a depression.
Now both IMD and COLA gfs predicts a Cyclone / Depression landfall over S-W Maharastra on 12/13-Dec.
Meanwhile, Arabian sea Low "93A" will initially move East and on 8-Dec it'll move N-E...
Rain rate will go down from evening of 7-Dec, along entire Tamilnadu coast.
In next 24 hrs, Low "94B" will come near to Central Tamilnadu coast and stay there for a Day. Then die on evening of 7-Dec.
5:30am, "94B" is over S-W Bay, along N-E Srilanka...