Sunday, December 21, 2008

"98A" and "97A" - vanished!!

"98A" and "97A" - vanished or vanishing.
Latest satellite image shows that both the systems have almost vanished..!!

Today morning Chennai was lot colder than previous 15 days.
Low was 22.9°C (6:24am).
Now (3:26pm) temperature is reducing fast.
Very low humidity 49%, that means a DRY & cold night ahead.

All Time record for this month
High: 32.8 C (5.12.1909)
Low: 13.9 C (11.12.1895)
Daily Rain: 261.6 mm (10.12.1901)
Total Rain: 699.3 mm (1946)

Rainy days and your child!!

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My son doesn’t take well to rainy days. Most children below the age of five, find the monsoon season extremely boring. Parents pose restrictions on kicking in puddles and getting wet. However, playing indoors need not boil down to watching TV.
Here are a few games to play with your child and his/her friends when the rain plays spoil sport.

1. Puppet show - Take a big cardboard box and make a dupatta curtain in the centre. Open out the flaps in order to put puppets through the back and use front flaps as windows. The child’s dolls, toys like cars, spoons, etc. can be used and a story can be spun with imagination.

2. Hide the loot – Give your child ten items and tell them to hide one item in a bag. Guess the item hidden by asking your child to describe what he/she hid.

3. Photo fun – Make a photo collage of your child’s favorite pictures from your recent vacation on a chart paper and add comment stickers or emoticons in appropriate places. Hang in your child’s room when complete. Photo collages make great d├ęcor ideas too!!

4. Colour splash – Paint a picture using old toothbrushes, bottle caps, sponge, waste wool, fingers, hands, toes and just about anything other than paint brushes. Make sure you do this on the floor and don’t get any paint onto a costly outfit or a carpet.
5. Junk art – Use material from all over the house. Cotton, old magazine pictures, buttons, sand, old shoe lace, wrapping paper and just about anything. Make a Christmas scene or a meadow and watch your child’s imagination flitter like a butterfly!!

6. Dress up – Give the age old game of robber and police a twist by dressing up yourself and your son to fit the roles. Dressing up like a character in a story is a good way of getting the child to understand the story completely. The parent can be the narrator and the child can play the central character.

7. Shadow play – For those of you who are not scared of the dark and have brave children, its time to light a candle and put on the musical night lights. Spin a story with shadow figures. The crow looking for water to drink is a beautiful tale to spin around one’s fingers.

8. Cook with mommy – This is a game that can be messy. Children love helping their grown-ups in their grown-up things. Explain that cutting and cooking on the stove/oven are grown up things to do. However the child can help wash the vegetables, add certain ingredients, beat an egg and a whole load of other things that can be fun.

9. Song and dance – Teach your child simple dance steps to his/her favorite song/rhyme. Dress him/her up like a pop/rock star and have your own Indian Idol show at home!!
10. Puzzle when it drizzles – Buy a puzzle for your child and hide it from them till the monsoon arrives. On a dull, dreary “can’t do anything else” day give them this surprise gift and watch them lose track of time.

Here’s wishing all you mom’s a happy fun filled Monsoon!!

Winter woes

"Winter woes" from
Winter means many things – the season of Christmas, hot chocolate, warm woollies, snowmen and dry skin. If winter mostly defines the last one for you, here are a few tips that could change your skin making it as soft as snow.

1. Winter dryness is found in people of all ages. The common sites for dryness are upper arms, thighs and lower legs but face, neck and hands also show signs of dryness. Knowing your skin type is the first thing to do before one starts a skin care regimen.
2. The 3 major skin types are – dry, oily and combination skin. It is rare to find anyone with a normal skin type. Different parts of the body could come under these categories. For ex: It’s normal to have an oily nose, normal skin type on cheeks and very dry hands.
3. A daily skin care routine should be as follows – Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Using a product appropriate to your skin type is important. Some natural products can be used to combat dry skin effectively. Yogurt can be used as a skin cleanser, acting as a natural moisturizer. In order to remove dead cells a mild scrub like oatmeal can be used as it heals and soothes dry skin. Honey when applied to the skin, is healing and moisturizing.
4. Moisturizing often is important as itching is the main problem faced by people during winter. If hands and feet are prone to dryness it’s a good idea to invest in moisture rich hand cream or a foot cream. Moisturizing after a bath or after washing is very important, as the skin dries when water evaporates from the surface leaving it drier than it was.
5. Most of us find smiling difficult during the winter as chapped lips cause a lot of pain. Using a lip balm or beeswax is a good idea.
6. The most important thing to do during the winter months is to drink plenty of water. Feeling thirsty is not an indication of the body’s requirements of water. Drinking at least 2 litres a day helps combat most winter woes.
7. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A helps repair damaged skin.
8. Some home remedies can also be used for removing winter dryness. Mix one teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of milk. Apply this mixture on skin for 15 minutes and wash it away with warm water. Mix equal parts of olive, mustard and sesame oil and use it as a body massage.
9. A good winter face pack can be made straight out of your kitchen. Combine an egg yolk with a tablespoon of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Add a 1/2 tsp. of almond oil. Apply to and let it dry. Wash off gently with warm water.
10. Remember that some of the simple daily routines can also remove moisture from the skin. For example, bathing with a harsh soap, long steamy showers may give you relaxation for your sore muscles, but hot water eliminates your skin’s natural oils more quickly. So, altering these daily routines with dry skin care instructions can definitely retain the skin’s moisture.
11. Dandruff is another common embarrassment of winter. There are 2 kinds of dandruff: The Dry Scalp Type: The scales are fine, thin, white or grayish and dry. The hair is dry and often lacks lustre. Itching maybe mild to moderate. This is the more common type of dandruff and is more prevalent during winters.
The Oily Scalp Type: The scalp is generally oily. And this malady may occur in well defined and confined patches or diffusely all over the scalp. Later the condition may extend to the eye brows, eye lids, beard, external region, groins, etc. Patients suffering from oily dandruff gradually develop thinning and later loss of hair.
Whatever kind it be it should be treated as soon as one spots the symptoms.

Being more vigilant in caring for and nurturing your skin in the winter months helps pay off for skin that's summer-ready when the seasons change. Enjoy the glow of good skin this winter!!