Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scattered, moderate T showers expected to persist over N,central zones of N-E states during next 2 days !
A low-level circulation is expected to persist over E Madhyapradesh and N Chatisgarh... and it's trough can be seen upto N,N-W Karnataka.
Another low-level trough or line of wind discontinuity expected from N Chatisgarh to N Rajasthan during next 36hrs.. 

There's NO significant weather is expected over most of Peninsula and central, E India. #HOT day conditions expected to persist !

Friday, A weak low-level circulation expected over N Bengal, Sikkim... and its trough expected upto S-coast Odisha
Isolated , moderate/light rain expected over S,central Odisha on Friday !  

A mid-level W.D trough is seen along 60E and dipping south upto 23N ... 

By tomorrow mid-morning, the trough is expected to affect N,N-W India ... 
This W.D system is expected to last till evening of Saturday !

8pm, At present most of N,N-central India is cloudy with light rain around ... 
Scattered moderate rain expected for S,W Kashmir, Himachal and Punjab. Light rain expected over Haryana and N,N-E Rajasthan.

#Kolkata - DumDum, 37.8 C today, "Hot and Humid"

Malout - 8:25pm, "after 26 hours now clear sky"
#HOT at 2:10pm, Hyderabad = 41 C, Nagpur = 40 C, Ahmedabad = 39 C, Jamshedpur = 38 C, Patna = 37 C, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow = 36 C
#Chennai - 2:10pm, Temp = 34 C and feels like 34.1 C

2:30pm, Mostly cloudy over N,N-W,N-central India due to W.D ...