Thursday, May 30, 2013

BB-2 crossed land at the W. Bengal  coast on Wednesday at depression strength, and on Thursday evening, was at  a well marked low strength near Midnapore.
BB-1 will now move NW along the trough. Trough is situated from SE Uttar Pradesh running  SE  into the Bay thru BB-1.
The other system, AS-1 , has fizzled out over Oman, and no longer shows any pressure isobars.

Day temperatures to rise in Sindh region of Pakistan. Days may touch 48/49c in Dadu, Larkana and Nawabshah. Sukkar and Hyderabad could reach 45c.
Karachi wil be around 36c.

Fairly heavy rains for Kathmandu on Friday and Saturday.

Week end city and India forecast map on vagaries...
From tomorrow, entire S.Peninsula is going to change gears from active to very active ... more HEAVY rain for #Kerala

HEAVY T.showers expected for central,N,N-W,N-E.Tamilnadu, S,central,W,N-W.Karnataka and into S.Andhra ...

Widespread and Heavy rain expected for most of #Kerala, S,central Coastal Karnataka and Lakshadweep from 1-Jun... #Monsoon

Heavy rain expected for S.tip Tamilnadu from tomorrow due to #Monsoon start .. and increase from 2-Jun.!..
From Saturday, the pre-monsoon T.showers are expected to line-up over N-W,W,S-W,S.Maharastra as well ... 
Latest analysis show that "94B" has weakened and persisting over S.Bengal and Jharkand .... 

Heavy rain for most of Bihar, Jharkand and Bengal to continue for next 2 days ... 

Scattered heavy rain for N-E states to continue during next 4 days!

Heavy rain expected for central,E.Nepal and odd rain may push into E.Uttarpradesh as well during next 2 days.
A new website by Kerala Tourism especially for #Monsoon ...

"its raining in bangalore" .. 6:05pm, report and pic shared by our Facebook follower ... 

6pm, Heavy rain over Jharkand, N.Odisha and into W,S.Bengal, S.Bihar... 

6pm, Heavy T.showers seen over central,N,N-W.Tamilnadu, S,central,N-W.Karnataka, sharp showers continue over #Kerala
RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia 3.19pm T.showers ready to explode. Vellode - Erode district, N-W.Tamilnadu.. 

RT @arvindrulz: @weatherofindia such a romantic weather in #coimbatore N-W.Tamilnadu with intermittent drizzle temp 26 C #monsoon (4:13pm)
#HOT at 2:45pm, Nagpur = 43 C, Ahmedabad, Jaipur = 41 C, Delhi, Thiruchirapalli = 40 C, Lucknow = 39 C, Hyderabad = 37 C, Amristar = 35 C.

#Chennai - Fully Cloudy till 1:30pm, Temperature is around 35 C at 2:45pm, Sea breeze slowly setting in and cloud cover has almost cleared!

#Chennai - Less chance of Rain today !

#Bangalore - sharp showers possible today towards late evening !

For #Mumbai, early hour or early morning scattered rain possible for tomorrow and Saturday. Heavy pre-monsoon rain expected after 1-Jun.

Monsoon, all good to set in on 2-Jun-2013 over #Kerala , S.Karnataka coast

Latest COLA model suggests that Monsoon will enter as FULL force into Kerala on 2-Jun-2013.
From 31-May or 1-Jun, very heavy and widespread rain expected for most of Kerala and along S,central Karnataka coast.

RT @abndnkmtr: .@weatherofindia heavy rains here for the part 2 hours. 22:46 #Sindhanur #Raichur #Karnataka (Night of 29-May)

"94B" - has moved into S.Bengal

Latest analysis show that the LOW pressure "94 B" has moved into S.Bengal during the past 12 hrs.

12:30pm, Satellite IR shows, heavy rain over S.Bengal, Jharkand and N,central Odisha.
Due to the pull effect of "94B" and Monsoon current , Heavy rain seen all along Karnataka coast and over N,central Kerala.

Report from our #Kolkata based Facebook reader at 9:02 am IST
Yesterday night 9 to 10 frequent showers seen in dum dum zone.
Then 11 to 11.30pm, light showers. From today morning light frequent showers seen in various pockets of kolkata.
very cool romantic weather here from morning.
Winds blowing strongly from S.east direction "

#Kolkata, airport at 1:20pm has reported "Light rain with stiff breeze from South"
#Patna, airport at 1:20pm, has also reported "Light rain, Rain with thunderstorm and stiff winds from East"