Sunday, July 17, 2011

9 pm sun satellite map mumbai    dark pink clouds skip mumbai towards gujrat, very heavy showers averted

4 pm satelite image mumbai

India Forecast via dark red [heavy rain] and dark pink clouds[ very heavy rains] approaching mumbai,satellite map at 4 pm sunday
Mumbai - heavy rains started pre dawn ..
Goa - Quepem too got pounded with 715 mm rainfall in 4 days ..
RT @Bhatnewpics: Mumbai's suburbs daily routine derails in heavy rain - ireport
Karnataka gets super heavy rains ...


Satelite image. At 3.30 pm
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Arabian sea Monsoon may take a break after 20-Jul
Vertical velocity along N. Tamilnadu, S. Andhra coast is high.. 100 percent chance of Heavy T.showers possible.
@mithilah >> You can visit for regular weather feeds for India. Thanks
@mithilah Chennai - After sea breeze sets in.. likelyhood of T.showers / passing shower is almost 90 percent and that'll happen after 5:30pm
@mithilah Chennai - touchd a max temp of 35.6 C (2:28pm).. Having a stiff wind from S-W .. NO sea breeze yet.

Karnataka gets super heavy rains

Extremely Heavy rainfall amounts (cm): Agumbe 34; Kottigehara (Chikmagalur dt) 32; Siddapura (Udupi dt) 26; Kollur (Udupi dt) 25.

Very Heavy rainfall amounts (cm): Siddapura(Uttara Kannada dt) 24; Kammaradi (Chikmagalur dt) 23; Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt), Kalasa (Chikmagalur dt) 21 each; Belthangady (Dakshina Kannada dt) 19; Hosanagara (Shimoga dt) 18; Dharmasthala (Dakshina Kannada dt), Gersoppa, Kadra (both Uttara Kannada dt), Humchadakatte (Shimoga dt) 17 each; Mudibidre (Dakshina Kannada dt), Kundapur (Udupi dt), Bhatkal (Uttara Kannada dt), Koppa (Chikmagalur dt) 16 each; Karwar, Jayapura (Chikmagalur dt) 15 each; Ankola, Yellapur (both Uttara Kannada dt), Balehonnur (Chikmagalur dt) 14 each; Mulki (Dakshina Kannada dt), Kota (Udupi dt), Jagalbet (Uttara Kannada dt), Linganamakki (Shimoga dt) 13 each.

Heavy rainfall amounts (cm): Manki, Banavasi (both Uttara Kannada dt), Sringeri (Chikmagalur dt) 12 each; Karkala (Udupi dt), Shirali, Honavar, Londa (Belgaum dt) 11 each; Manchikeri (Uttara Kannada dt) 10; Udupi, Talaguppa (Shimoga dt), Lakkavalli (Chikmagalur dt) 9 each; Belur (Hassan dt) 8; Kumta (Uttara Kannada dt), Shiralkoppa (Shimoga dt), NR Pura (Chikmagalur dt) 7 each.
Today the UAC is over N-W Uttarpradesh and a Low trough extends upto Head of Bay (N.Bay) ..
RT @Bhaskar23564: rain in mumbai
RT @calamur: Three days of rain and Mumbai roads are tattered.
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Heavy down pours in Mumbai since morning.
RT @Shrenit10: Wow! Almost 300 mm of rainfall is forecasted for next 3 days for Mumbai & since morning it already got 120ml @weatherofindia

Quepem too got pounded with 715 mm rainfall in 4 days

Complete Goa expect their capital is getting battered this season. This is the rainfall Quepem got in the last 4 days

13.07.2011 – 320 mm
14.07.2011 – 150 mm
15.07.2011 – 70 mm
16.07.2011 – 175 mm

Total rainfall it has got from this season (01.06.2011 to 16.07.2011 – 46 days) is 2685 mm.

Waiting for today's data, heared its raining very heavily there

Agumbe has got 686 mm rainfall in last 4 days

As expected the monsoon is been merciless in West Coast. The following are the rainfall recorded by Agumbe in last 4 days

14.07.2011 - 91 mm
15.07.2011 - 106 mm
16.07.2011 - 153 mm
17.07.2011 - 336 mm

Total rainfall it has got from this season (01.06.2011 to 17.07.2011 - 47 days) is 3038 mm till today and is now second behind Kollur in the race to be the wettest place this monsoon in India.

Rajesh, why is that this swm the west coast is getting copious rainfall than their average.
After a dry Sunday, heavy rains lashed Mumbai commencing pre dawn.It was observed that the winds suddenly changed from a Southerly direction after 3.0 a.m. Sunday to Northerly. Indicates a abrupt development of a "thin" line of low pressure vortex off the Konkan coast from South Gujarat to South Konkan coast.
Between 3 am and 8.00am Sunday, Colaba measured 50 mms of rain, while it was 23 mms earlier from Saturday 8.30 am till 3.00 am Sunday. Correspondingly, the figures were 90 mms and 12 mms for S,Cruz. A wet Sunday morning indeed for Mumbai.
Satellite townships of Navi Mumbai and Panvel can get very heavy downpours in the pre noon hours of Sunday.

3 am sun morning satelite image close up mumbai [red] dense clouds,promising heavy rains sunday [ small pink] spots are very heavy rains