Thursday, May 31, 2012

8:30pm, Convective clouds can be seen nearing S. Kerala coast .. Minicoy is already having showers ..
NOGAPS suggest that Monsoon current will reach Kerala coast on 1-Jun, afternoon ..
In pictures: Heat wave grips India ...
Heat waves break all previous records in India, Delhi records 45 deg C...
In south India on 30-May, Khammam recorded the highest maximum temperature of 47 deg C
As of today's analysis, Perfect monsoon set and heavy rain for Kerala will start after 4-Jun..
W-Central Arabian sea system is disrupting the Monsoon current moving towards Kerala coast. GFS suggests that it'll strengthen & move N-N-E
Circulation over W-central Arabian sea persists and shows NO sign of strengthening ...
Just 1 day left for Monsoon onset over Kerala ! Will it reach before tomorrow evening ?? COLA suggests that it'll as a weak current !
Monsoon deadlock across Sri Lanka sea continues ..
@fabwrite >> chennai - NO rain possible today, but going to be a Cloudy, WARM and Windy day.. (wind will be from WEST).
SUPER heat on 30-May, Bramhapuri ­47.6, Dholpur­ 47.5, Ganganagar ­47.4,
Churu ­47.2, Amritsar, Nowgong and Chandrapur­ 47.0 deg C
RT @sathymj: I Hav lived in Khasab, Mussandam, Oman, 2 Am, 43 C, 80~90% humidity.3 sides hills, 4th side sea.8km inward from sea, 5km wide.
RT @rajugana: Baroda 11.00am, Sunny, strong winds from SW, for the first time patches of passing clouds .. a pic
chennai - COOL at 12:10pm.. 36.0°C.. Heavy high cloud cover continues with good Breeze from West.