Monday, June 07, 2010

RT @rajneesh737: Rain in Delhi what a relief from heat .. (7:24pm)
Rainfall data for 6-Jun-10 .. PDF...
Rain map of 6-Jun...
Maximum temperature would fall by 4-5°C over parts of northwest and west India till tomorrow and increase thereafter.
IMD :: upper air cyclonic circulation is likely to form over eastcentral and adjoining west Central Bay of Bengal during next 48 hours
depression over Rajasthan and neighbourhood moved east-northeastwards and lay centred at 1130 hours IST of today, the 7-Jun close to Jodhpur
IMD :: SW Monsoon has further advanced into some parts of central Arabian Sea, Coastal Karnataka and more parts of S Interior Karnataka.
6:30pm, Thunder storms over S.central Karnataka, S. Tamilnadu, N-E Orissa..
6:30pm, Monsoon showers are upto Goa and beyond into S. Maharastra ...
RT @ezee123: Goa has it now !! n!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!! (7:06pm)
RT @kalirafting: consistant rain starting to fall in is still and not blowing but raining. (11:25am)
RT @vikramgaur: weather in jaipur right now reminds me of Goa..... loving this rain :) .. (3:12pm)
RT @AlertNet: UNOSAT maps chief explains how marrying satellite images with Google maps can speed up disaster response
Present Heavy cloud formation over Central Bay .. .. is due to a Upper air Cyclonic Circulation..
Pakistan : Fast and furious Cyclone Phet fizzles out ..
Cyclone "Phet" leaves 15 dead, thousands homeless in Pakistan ...
Cyclone Phet effect: 5 killed in Gujarat‎ ...
Ten killed as cyclone Phet strikes Pakistan‎ ...
RT @abnashbudhani: @weatherofindia it is believed dat it rain in aurangabad on 7-jun every year. i come up wid the raincoat in my bag..!
RT @snehamanthra: A little rain come to my area in kerala rainy season come start mansoon tourisam (monsoon showers will pickup frm Friday)
3:30pm, Thunder cells over N. Kerala, S-W Karnataka, and over N-E Orissa ..
3:30pm, Monsoon convective showers can be seen reaching upto Goa from S. Kerala ...
3:30pm, Heavy cloud mass from Central Bay is nearing N.Tamilnadu and S. Andhra. This may invoke some thunder showers..
3:30pm, Remnant of Cyclone "Phet" is over Haryana, N-E rajasthan and Punjab ...
@nileshscorpion >> No, this is not a monsoon shower... Monsoon will arrive at around 15-Jun or after that.
RT @nileshscorpion: @weatherofindia Its raining in it the arrival of monsoon???? (2:35pm)
Mangalore - Monsoon arrives - Slowly but firmly ...
Many parts of Cuddalore, Villupuram and also Chengalpet received light rain on 7-Jun, early morning
Heavy rains with thunder and lightning lashed Nagapattinam on 6-Jun, evening
Jharkhand’s monsoon date delayed ...
Assam, 350 villages have been inundated affecting about 3 lakh 50 thousand people ...
Chennai - No showers till 4pm, and Chance of thunder Showers towards evening after the Sea breeze sets in. Now the wind is from WEST.
Chennai - 75% cloudy now 1:39pm with Medium and High clouds... temp. now is 33.5°C
Chennai - Had heavy thunder cells over to West-South-West at around 11:30am... after that it didn't move towards East.
12:30pm, Cloud cover over N.Tamilnadu continues. Heavy convective clouds can be seen along S.Karnataka to S.kerala coast
RT @I_Sharat: In Kerala!! :-D RT @meerasapra: There's a light drizzle. Where's the full-fledged rain? (12:43pm)
12:30pm, remnant of Cyclone "Phet" marching into Rajasthan and even into Haryana & Delhi ..
RT @GokzTweets: Yay! Itz drizzling in Pondicherry! 30°C!!! @weatherofindia (11:48am)

Monsoon seen racing into Konkan by week-end

The stage has been set for a steady and sustained revival of the monsoon with erstwhile super cyclone ‘Phet' finding the going difficult after having been undermined by ruthlessly strong upper air westerlies.
Weakened as a depression, ‘Phet' is now easing up along the Makran coast - across the Gulf of Oman and adjoining north Arabian Sea - for a quite landfall over the Sindh-North Gujarat border early on Monday morning, model forecasts said.
But it would still be able to unleash heavy to very rainfall all across an arch stretching north-northeast from north Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and parts of west Uttar Pradesh over the next few days.
The US National Centres for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) has estimated that these areas might witness 200 to 600 per cent above the average rainfall for the week ending June 11.
Thus, north-west India would have a lot to cheer about some non-seasonal but bonus rainfall even as regrouping monsoon flows make their presence felt over the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal across south peninsular India during this period.
A monsoon-boosting Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave is seen providing adequate cover from the upper levels for the flows to gradually progress northward over peninsular India.


According to international models, the MJO wave, the eastward propagating wave with alternating wet and dry phases, would be active over the peninsular seas until Wednesday (June 9) and head towards South China Sea-West Pacific.
Before doing so, it would have powered the monsoon system to an auto-pilot to propel itself towards the north peninsular India and Konkan coast by June 11 (Friday).
India Meteorological Department said in its outlook until June 11 that fairly widespread rainfall activity would occur over Madhya Maharashtra, Konkan, Goa, coastal Karnataka, the Northeastern States and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Mumbai, and for the second time this season Gujarat, are forecast to witness a surge in monsoon flows and heavy rains during the week starting from June 12. Northeast India, too, would get drenched in this manner during this period.
A sure sign of the monsoon being prospectively able to fire on its own after the MJO leaves the Indian Ocean region is the projection for Outgoing Long-wave Radiation (OLR) for peninsular India.

According to linear inverse modelling by the Earth System Research Laboratory under the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the OLR would be consistently negative, a proxy for cloudiness and possible rainfall, over the entire peninsula until June 26, up which forecasts were available.
The next wet phase of the MJO wave is forecast to envelop the Indian Ocean region by July 15 only, according to the Empirical Wave Propagation model employed by the NCEP.
The Climate Prediction Centre of the US National Weather Services is of the view that the monsoon might manage to cover north peninsular India during the week ending June 13.
Central India and adjoining east India would need to wait until the following week (June 14-20) for sustained rains.
The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts sees strong monsoon flows heading into a likely ‘low' off Gujarat from June 15 to set off heavy rains over Mumbai-south Gujarat.
The Arabian Sea flows would be ably supported on the Bay of Bengal side to bring the monsoon into central and adjoining east India subsequently.
Chennai - From morning its cloudy with medium high clouds, now 10:05am we have gud Low cloud formation. And 80% chance of showers before 2pm
9:30am, Central Bay is Active and North coastal Tamilnadu is also active ... Increased shower possibility for N. TN..
Remnant of Cyclone "Phet" has moved very fast into Rajasthan and Heavy showers over central Rajasthan now 10am..