Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chennai - Now 7:56pm, after that heavy shower.. we can see the MOON over to the west.
Chennai - steady Rain continues now 7:30pm in saidapet.
Chennai - All of a Sudden a HUGE thunder storm !!
Chennai - Started raining in Saidapet with HEAVY drops.
NEWS: India heads for worse drought in 31 yrs: 20 pct drop in rain fall at the end of monsoon season puts c..
Chennai - It seems the Sea breeze and Humidity has caused this convection rain.
Chennai - There were literally no signs of this thunder shower almost 1 hr back..
Chennai - Rain in another 15 min... already we are getting reports of rain from Polichalur (pallavaram).
Chennai - ALERT:: All of a sudden we have a thunder storm brewing from south-west.
Chennai - Warm evening with good winds from East over sea.. Huge thunder cell visible in distance over west-north-west.
Chennai - No rain threat for Chennai after this time.
More heavy thunder storms over coastal Maharastra, Orissa and Chatisgarh..
Again thunder storms over interior Tamilnadu, North-Karnataka and Andhra ..
Drought to Keep India’s Cooking Oil Imports at Record ..
RT @diverya: Flood Disaster and its Preparedness in Assam, a Northeast India -
India heading for worst drought ..
Chennai - Touched a super high of 36.2°C (12:24pm), and now 2:38pm with good LOW cloud activity it's warm and humid. Good sea breeze from SE ... Latest 2pm satellite shot shows very less thunder activity along south-east as compared to previous days.
On 21-Sep-09, Alangayam (Vellore dt) recorded a heavy rainfall of 8cm
LOW over west-central Bay is delayed by ONE day, according to latest GFS. Heavy rainfall warning for south-Kerala coast after 27-Sep-09.
Chennai - Clear, humid and HOT morning now 9:45am. Chance of an early thunder shower before 1pm is high at 80%.