Monday, September 30, 2013

Struck circulation expected, this time for Madhyapradesh !

Latest analysis show that, S Rajasthan circulation has almost vanished and Odisha coast LOW is expected to drift inland.
In next 18hrs, the Odisha coast LOW will push W-N-W and reach central Chatisgarh ... 

By noon of 2-Oct, the circulation is expected to reach S,S-E Madhyapradesh.
... and this time the circulation is expected stay put over central Madhyapradesh till 4/5-Oct !!

HEAVY rain expected for Jharkhand, N,central Chatisgarh and Odisha before evening of 1-Oct.
Showers also forecast for E Maharastra, N,N-E Andhra and over central,S,E Madhyapradesh, before tomorrow evening.
From early hrs of 2-Oct, HEAVY rain will push into E,N-E Madhyapradesh, S,S-E Uttarpradesh.
Scattered rain expected over Madhyapradesh on 2-Oct!
From noon of 2-Oct, Heavy scattered rain also for E Maharastra and N Andhra.

Showers from remnant of present S Rajasthan circulation is expected to linger over E,S-E,central Gujarat till tomorrow evening.
During next 2 days, T showers possible along N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai and S,central Andhra coast.
Another 2 DRY days ahead for #Bangalore !

The present S Rajathan circulation and Odisha coast LOW is not allowing the #Monsoon withdrawal to happen. No further withdrawal till 8-Oct.

Heavy rain over Odisha, S,central Chatisgarh

RT @archvivekh: Downpour in #Ambattur #Chennai! @weatherofindia (7:13pm)

#Chennai - 7:30pm, Madhavaram zone got good rain ! but Pallavaram zone got nothing !

RT @vnsiva: @weatherofindia Heavy Rain in Saidapet #Chennai 7:30PM 

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 9.00pm, Development of Clouds in the evening, drizzled in some parts of the city. sky pic 

#Kolkata - got good heavy rain in the morning !

Malout - T showers in town!, "around 20mm rain malout and no rain in kabarwala village"

RT @kannan2121: @weatherofindia Drizzling at Trivandrum (10:34pm)

10pm, HEAVY rain over E,central Gujarat, Odisha and central,S Chatisgarh ... 

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 2.15pm, Clear skies & Sunny in the morning; formation of Clouds in the AN., Will it rain?

Chennai - 6pm, after 2 dry days, now having signs of Rain. T showers seen over W-S-W from city at around 80km.