Saturday, July 14, 2012

#chennai - 4:55pm, high cloud cover clearing out fast. Good sea breeze from E-S-E upto a height of 0.3km.

#chennai - 4:55pm, a heavy T.shower seen over N-W from city at around 45km... nearing Ponneri from W-N-W.
2pm, Showers seen along Karnataka & Kerala coast, Remnant of T.shower is over Bay near N.Tamilnadu coast..

2pm, Fresh showers seen almost ALL over E.India, N-E states, E,N.Madhyapradesh ..

#chennai - High cloud cover has become thin now 3:05pm, Low level wind from E-S-E. This cloud cover is/will hinder the LOW cloud formation.

#chennai - as long as the high cloud cover is in place ... there's NO chance of T.cell development. NO rains till 8pm !
In 24hrs, Heavy rains forecast for entire Himalayan foothills & North N-E states ..

In 24hrs, COLA predicts scattered rains for Central,N-E Maharastra..

Heavy rains to start over Chatisgarh, N-E Maharastra, S-E.Madhyapradesh from tomorrow and expected to last for 3 days..

From today till 18-Jul, Heavy & widespread rains for Sikkim, N.Bengal and North N-E states ...

Good rains forecast for Orissa and S-E coast upto N-central Tamilnadu till 18-Jul !!

Showers are going to be moderate / light from today till 16-Jul along entire S-W coast.

Monsoon rains are expected to strengthen again along Maharastra coast from evening of 16-Jul.. 
RT @shanpati: Traveled around 2700 kms across MH, MP & CG in last 3 days & NOT a single drop of rain anywhere! Scary picture! #NEEDRAINS 
N.Bay expected to Pop another circulation on 20-Jul over N.Bay, S.Bengal & Bangladesh ..

Offshore trough along S-W coast is weak, it extends upto Karnataka coast.. and will stay that way till 16-Jul..

The remnant of N.India circulation can be seen over Uttarakand, W.UP at Low & medium levels ..

Monsoon current can be seen pushing into S.Pakistan, W,S-W Gujarat ... it'll become more intense in next 2 days..

By 16-Jul, a medium level circulation expected over N.Chatisgarh, E.Madhyapradesh initially it'll move N-N-E into Bihar.

By 17-Jul, the circulation over Bihar will be at medium & upper levels ..

Today there's an UAC over Punjab, W.Haryana, and it's expected to last another 12 to 24hrs. Showers possible till 16-Jul

Today, 2 more UAC seen, one over S-E Arabian sea along Lakshadweep & another over S-central Bay.. both will vanish in another 24hrs.

N-E Arabian sea, S-W of Gujarat may pop an UAC on 17-Jul...  >> This will start the rains again over Coastal Maharastra

Rainfall around Chennai on 14.07.2012

Rainfall in mm (ending 8.30 am on 14.07.2012)

Kattupakkam – 56
Chembarabakkam – 31
Madhavaram – 30
Meenambakkam – 29
Puzhal – 26
Uhtiramerur – 21
R.K.Pet 18
Avadi – 17
Kolapakkam – 16
Redhills – 16
Guindy – 15
Sholiganallur – 12
Cheyyaur – 12
Kadambathur – 9
Katpadi – 9
Nungambakkam – 8
Poondi – 7
Thiruvallur – 6
Today, Rain possible over Punjab, Haryana, entire Foothills of Himalayas and North N-E states as Vertical.V is high.. 
RT @chemingineer: Hillstation weather in #Mumbai today. And no rain. (11:45am)

RT @finallyhereiam: pune to mumbai via lonavala #rain #cloud , not computing. (10:23am)

Till 8:30am, N,N-E Tamilnadu got some good rains .. #chennai airport = 3cm, Cuddalore = 6.3cm, Dharmapuri = 2.3cm, Parangipettai = 5.7cm

#chennai - 12:05pm is fully covered with High clouds, Records 31.0°C at 11:40am and mild breeze from West.

Today again, Vertical.V is going to be HIGH over S,N.Karnataka, S-W Andhra after 4pm, T.showers possible for #Bangalore.

Today also, VERY high Vertical.V possible after 6pm over N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai, S.Andhra.. Heavy T.showers expected.

The Vertical.V along N-E coast Tamilnadu, #chennai , S.Andhra may last till tomorrow morning.. 90% chance of rains !
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia In #Raipur, no rains for last 2 days though sky is cloudy through the day & night! 

Chennai rain from 8pm yesterday till 8am today !!

#chennai - sharp shower just started over Polichalur zone (8:22pm).. a super T.shower is approaching S,S-W Suburbs of city.

RT @omniprasan: @weatherofindia Moderate showers in Medavakkam #Chennai (13-Jul, 8:47pm)

RT @vatsan34: @weatherofindia heavy rain near velachery , in madipakkam (13-Jul, 9:02pm)

RT @dsanjeevkumar: @weatherofindia Rain Started in Chennai Guindy Area.. 15 mins back.. 20.45hrs..!! (13-Jul, 9:03pm)

RT @gravikumar: @weatherofindia , 6.23am #chennai. Walking in the nice #drizzle is awesome. Towards Elliots beach for morning walk. (6:25am)

RT @drjagadesh: The rain has come in Chennai @weatherofindia (6:43am)

RT @onemangoadmi: @weatherofindia raining now in #chennai adyar (7:19am)

RT @tweet_tac: @weatherofindia it's raining since 5am #Mambalam #Chennai (7:29am)

RT @devarya: Whatay rare rainy morning. #chennai @weatherofindia (7:51am)

RT @rangats: After a long time its raining for past 3 hours - Virugambakkam Chennai @weatherofindia (7:53am)

RT @gravikumar: @weatherofindia it's 8am at #Chennai. Some strong #drizzle around Adyar & Besant Nagar area. Sea was roaring too. (8:01am)