Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unusual Rain

The whole of north India is reeling under severe winter cold.... but here it's a totally different story.

Today(9-Feb-08), from morning it was cloudy with lots of rain bearing clouds and... moreover the humidty level was also high.
The air current and cloud movement was from surprisingly South-east.... and from the bay-of-bengal.
The cloud movements where like a November rainy day.
Around 2 PM, it started to rain .... sharp shower for 10 minutes.
This rain was around the south and eastern parts of Chennai.

Still there are lots of signs for further showers durin the day tomorrow(10-Feb-08).

Take a look at the latest satellite pic....

Here you can make out there is some cloud activity.
Previous days there were news of light showers thru out extreme southern tamilnadu.

Hottest Winter !

For the past 15 days or so the max and min temperature was rising, rising above normal.
Take a look at the temperature chart for the past 5 days....

You can see a steep increase in max & min temperature.

For example yesterday(8-Feb-08) it was High 31.3°C @ 12:15pm Low: 26.0°C @ 6:22am.
Today (9-Feb-08) it was Hi: 31.0°C @ 2:20pm

This hot & humid conditions are due to the warm & wet air current prevalent from North-east. This is odd.
Usually this time of yr it'll be dry & cold.

Some previous years records show that February has recorded some LOW temperatures.