Monday, November 05, 2012

Yesterday night T.showers over a zone West of #chennai (around 70km).. R.K.Pet (Tiruvallur Dist) got 9cm of Rain.
6pm, "Central kolkata.recvd.scattrd.showers. Bt nw it is totaly cloudy and its lightning.all over" from our Facebook reader.
6pm, Heavy rain seen over S.Andhra near to border with Tamilnadu. N,N-W from #chennai at around 75km.
3pm, Isolated Showers has shown up over Jharkand, S,S-E Bihar and into central Bengal... 
By evening of 7-Nov, showers lingering over Orissa, N-E Andhra, Bengal will vanish ...

Some showers are expected over central, S of N-E states for next 2 days.

From tomorrow scattered showers are expected along most of Kerala, S.tip tamilnadu for another 3 days..

West Tamilnadu and W.ghats of Tamilnadu are expected to get showers from 7-Nov till 10/11-Nov.

S,central coastal Tamilnadu may start getting showers from 8/9-Nov.
No circulation expected over S,S-E Bay till 12-Nov.

Today some showers are expected due to weak W.D along W.Kashmir.
Today the moisture is pushed into Jharkand, Bengal and even Bihar.. this'll vanish in next 36hrs..

N-E monsoon for Tamilnadu will have a long break till 8/9-Nov.. especially along coast.

Latest NOGAPS model suggests that N-E monsoon showers will be back along Tamilnadu coast from 9/10-Nov.. 
The remnant circulation of Nilam still persists and now it has moved into Chatisgarh..

This remnant circulation is expected to end over Jharkand on 7-Nov...

Wind disruption caused by Cyclone Nilam over peninsula is expected to end by 6-Nov !

Winds are expected to be from East/ N-E along Tamilnadu coast from 7-Nov... 
RT @georgypaul1: Today nice weather in kerala india. Sunny after couple of weeks rain. A great day for me (2:26pm)

#chennai - 3:14pm, HOT with some low cloud formations around. Temp. max was 32.8°C (12:29pm)