Saturday, September 20, 2014

SWM withdrwal

[1]  The Sub Tropical Westerly Jet (STWJ) at higher latitude{ie 33 Deg and /or at  Kabul Latitude} is pronounced  and it is an  indication that westerly jet is coming to lower latitudes to push away SWM winds. 
[2] It is an indication that SWM does NOT started withdrawing from Indian sub continent.

[3] In three days time from now i.e on 23.09.14 SUN will be touching Equator.That perhaps may bring monsoon withdrawal phase.

[4] There is fairly good chance for a final spell of good rains during or till the last week of September

#chennai - 12:40am, rain activity is still active over WSW, NW and S.
A moderate rain may push into city before 4am.