Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Silent Indifference" Time Lapse Storm Of the Fallen Summer 2014, Kolkata - India

On 26th May 2014 , On the last leg of the Nor'wester Season 
A Totally Different Storm Lashed Kolkata , The capital Of State of Westbengal , to take everyone by surprise ... 
The transformation of the Storm is the Thing that Surprised everyone

Weather Instagram at January 22, 2015 at 02:05PM

#chennai - 1:45pm, easterlies effect. Cloudy and mild. A mini rain possible in next 24 hrs. #weather

from Instagram

A weak easterlies is now affecting N,central coast Tamilnadu.
12pm, a line of mini showers seen along offshore of N,central coast Tamilnadu.

A 30 to 50% chance of 1 or 2 showers pushing into coast of Chennai, N,central Tamilnadu coast during next 36hrs.. 

Upper-level WD trough has started to weaken over its same location ... and will fizz out in 24hrs... 

Another WD upper-level trough is expected on Sunday along 62E and dipping South to 20N (N Arabian sea)... 
Next W.D expected to induce a low-level circulation over E,central Rajasthan on Sunday into 26-Jan ... 

There's a good chance of Rain disrupting the #Republicday parade in #Delhi on 26-Jan-2015, #obama ... 

Weather Instagram at January 22, 2015 at 11:11AM

Bareilly, Uttarpradesh - 9:54am, due to WD, its raining from 4:30am. #weather

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