Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today's Chennai rain

arunjaOct 31, 2:41pm via Twitter for Android
Flooded roads #Chennai Adyar heavy rains @weatherofindia @TrafflineCHN

@weatherofindia Heavy rain in nugambakkam..

Finally,........ Heavy downpour. Anna Nagar, Chennai @weatherofindia@TrafflineCHN

Raining in #Chennai Adyar 1:00pm @weatherofindia @CNNweather@weatherchannel

~~ Update 11:05am, 1-Nov-2015 ~~
#Chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am...
Nungambakkam = 51.8mm
Airport = 10.2mm
IWM Polichalur = 5.4mm

sorry for the wrong figures in last post !

Cyclone Chapala Intensifying in Arabian Sea; Unusual Tropical Threat to...

Cyclone Chapala Remains a Powerful Storm in the Arabian Sea; Rare Destructive Landfall Threat to Yemen, Oman #iwm
Taken from Weather of India

More HEAVY rain ahead for Tamilnadu and Kerala

Latest.. the SW Bay circulation has drifted West into SE corner Arabian sea and its easterly trough seen upto N Bay ..

Present easterly trough from SE Arabian sea to N Bay has 2 more embedded circulations, 1 along central-coast Andhra and another over N Bay.

7:30pm, IR shows the convective activity all along Easterly trough from N Bay to #Maldives..

In next 24hrs, the SE corner Arabian sea circulation is expected to drift NW and fizzle out !
... while the N Bay circulation is expected to persist in that zone for another 2 days giving some rain for S Bengal, Bangladesh.
For next 36hrs, the low,mid-level winds over most of Tamilnadu will be from S,SSE...

More HEAVY scattered T showers ahead for Kerala, W-ghats of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, S,SW Karnataka in 24hrs..
More HEAVY rain for Kanyakumari dist of Tamilnadu and scattered T showers for W,S,NW,N,N-central zones of Tamilnadu on Sunday !

:: HEAVY rain #alert ::
for Eastern,SE slopes of Nilgiris (Coonoor) and W-ghats Tamilnadu, Kerala during next 36hrs. 

N,central-coast Tamilnadu can get a moderate rain during early hrs, morning of Sunday.
#Chennai - can get a moderate rain towards early morning and after 12pm on Sunday.
Noon showers will be for W,S-W,NW suburbs of city.

Central,N-coast Andhra and coastal Odisha can expect some more rain in next 36hrs.
S Bengal, S Bangladesh can expect scattered rain from Sunday to 3-Nov...

Cyclone Chapala inching towards war torn Yemen's coast

Extremely Severe Cyclone #Chapala at present..
Pressure.. 952mb
Pos.. 13.45N, 57.48E
Winds upto .. 200 kmph #wow ..

At present #Chapala is tracking West towards "War torn" Yemen coast ... landfall expected by evening, 2-Nov..
Cyclone Chapala is expected to cross the Yemen coast as severe Cyclone with winds upto 150 kmph.

#Chapala to cross this location in Yemen coast .. "less populated, desert, dry mountains"..

Latest, 6:30pm, satellite IR of Cyclone #Chapala ...