Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heavy Rain lashed Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu

Heavy Rain lashed at most places in the Kanyakumari district during 8.30 am ending 15.08.2012

Rainfall in mm

Neyyoor - 103
Kurunthancode - 73
Thuckalay - 46
Anaikidangu - 36
Mullanginavilai - 28
Kozhiporvilai - 24
Kuzhithurai - 22
Nagercoil - 21
Pechiparai Agro - 21
Thiruvattar - 19
Kottar - 18
Lower Kodayar - 17
Mylaudy - 13
Pechiparai Dam - 12
Boothapandy - 11
Kanyakumari - 8
Palmore - 7
Adaiyamadai - 7
Agastiswaram - 7
Eraniel - 5
Upper Kodayar - 5
Aralvaimozhi - 5
Colachel - 3

Second Straight day Rain lashes Chennai

It rained in Anna Nagar pretty heavily after nearly a week. It badly missed rains past week.

Chennai and surrounding Region Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 15.08.2012

Tiruttani – 80
RK Pet Agro – 59
Sholingur – 50
Thiruvalangadu – 50
Arakonam – 40
Kadambathur – 39
Korrattur – 28
RK pet (IMD) – 28
Uthukkottai (Entry Point) – 25
Tiruvallur – 20
Tamaraipakkam – 18
Poondi Agro – 17
Poonamalle – 15
Ellapuram – 15
Katpadi – 12
Chembarbakkam – 8
Red Hills – 7
Puzhal – 7
Poondi Lake – 6
Cholavaram – 5
Madhavaram – 3
Kolapakkam (near Chennai AP) – 3
Nungambakkam (Chennai City) – 2

RT @charles044: @weatherofindia Drizzling here in perambur. Chennai 10:53pm

RT @archvivekh: @weatherofindia it has started drizzling here in Ambattur! Windy too!

Chennai - 10:37pm, drizzle with high winds now over Polichalur zone!

#chennai - 8:45pm, Good sea breeze from E-S-E upto a height of 0.9km above sea level.

#chennai - a heavy T.shower is seen over W-N-W from city at around 80km.. and it's moving East towards the city, will reach after 10:30pm.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 6.30pm, Clear skies, Hot and a Sunny day. Thunder clouds formation with heavy wind in the eve. Will it rain? 
By 20/21-Aug.. the next N.Bay low will push upto S-E.Uttarpradesh and N.Chatisgarh ... more rains for E.India..

E,N-E.Gujarat, S,E,central.Rajasthan to get more showers for another 24 to 36 hrs..

Most of E.India to come under a wet spell again from 17-Aug...

Present rain over Himachal & Uttarakand will continue for next 24hrs.. more coming up after 18-Aug...

Heavy rains for most of Kerala to continue till 18-Aug...

Very less rains for entire Maharastra coast till 20-Aug !!
Today, the remnant of the Low level circulation persists over E,central.Rajasthan ..

The circulation over E.Rajasthan is expected to vanish in another 24hrs in that same location or just N-W of it.

Next low level circulation is expected to take shape over N.Corner Bay along S.Bengal coast on 17/18-Aug.

Today, the last of UAC can be seen over S.Rajasthan..

The UAC over S.rajasthan will die in another 24hrs over N.Gujarat.. and a weak UAC expected to pop over S-W.Orissa.. 
Today, the weak offshore trough along S-W coast persists and it's expected to weaken till 19-Aug and may come back again

Another LOW is expected over N.corner Bay along S.Bengal & N-E.Orissa on 17/18-Aug... 
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia no rain in delhi  (4pm)

@satishkg >> Bangalore - Today evening the conditions are perfect for a Sharp or T.shower !
Very high Vertical.V possible over S.karnataka, S,central.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai from 5pm today..

Today, the high vertical.V will stay over S.Karnataka, N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai & S.Andhra till 3am and Heavy rains possible.
3pm, Fresh Showers seen over S.Tamilnadu, Kerala, Central,N-W.Rajasthan, N-E.Orissa, Uttarakand, Himachal & E.UP.. 
#chennai - yesterday as well HEAVY rains for city Suburbs .. especially for W,N-W suburbs..

#chennai - 3:45pm having a mild sea breeze from E-S-E at low levels. Today as well showers possible after 6pm and will move in from W-N-W
Overall monsoon deficit has come down to 15 per cent with one-and-a-half months left for the season to end..

Earthquakes near Tabriz, Iran on 11-Aug-2012... 
RT @aash_tvm: Raining in #trivandrum frm early morning. Now drizling @weatherofindia (8:31am)

Happy Independence Day !

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