Saturday, April 07, 2012

On 6-Apr, highest Maximum temperature of 42.0°C was recorded at Wardha ( Maharashtra)
chennai - day temp to become steady at 37 deg C from 11-Apr.. and continue !
Strong & scattered T.showers to continue over Bangladesh and entire N-E state till 14-Apr and beyond...
Next W.D will reach Kashmir on 9-Apr.. and likely to stay active till 14-Apr..
10-Apr, S-S-E Bay is expected to pop a strong circulation, which will move west towards Srilanka.. more showers for S. Tamilnadu, S. Kerala
Another anti-cyclone is over N. Bay, this'll drive moisture from Bay into S-E coast of India.. more rain for N-E andhra & Orissa.
One Anti-cyclone is over N. Arabian sea.. this will drive winds from N-W into India..
As expected S. Tamilnadu and S. Kerala along Indian ocean is having a circulation.. more T.showers possible for 3 days.
Both the IPL venues of today Bangalore and Vizag are having high chance of T.Showers after 3pm
RT @venkrek: Dark Clouds, Cool Breeze, Thunderstorms... Hyderabad all set for mid-summer afternoon rain...! Awesome, awesome weather now!
RT @ntrforyou: @tarak9999

It is raining in Hyderabad! Awesome....
Hope everyone in Hyderabad are enjoying the rain...
Raining in Hyderabad ... 2:45pm..
chennai - now 2:43pm is having mild sea breeze from S-E
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.45am, Heavy wind overnight, and cool morning.. slight drop in temp 39C.
RT @leprincz: Taken at 5 on Clock this morning :) sitting staring Rs sea since 4!!! @weatherofindia (6-Apr)
chennai - registered another above 34 deg C... Humidity is on higher side as well.