Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chennai - Rains.. nothing visible from IR satellite shot ..
Chennai - now 2:37pm, its cloudy with HIGH cloud cover, and shower possibility only after 5 pm.

More about Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserver [KMTR]

Posted by Mr. Anonymous
[1] In Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserver [KMTR]there is one place called 'SENGALTHERI' which has to be reached from Kalakad. Only jeep track is available and it is UN declared bio reserve area. During South West monsoon period if you happen to go there you can experience the WIND blowing at tremendous speed.
[45-50 kmph guesting to 90-120 kmph]
The speed is capable enough to strip your dhoti and you can NOT stand errect without hold a mast or rock. I have advised the Forest Ranger there to install wind mills there for power production. But as this is an UN declared bio reserve TN Forest Department and TVS group which was having an idea of establishing wind mills there could NOT do so. This is the catchment area for Manimuthar river. There is a forest guest house there at SENGALTHERI built in 1909]
[2] Secondly near Manjoli estate there is a place known as Kuthiraivetti [this is one of the heavy rainfall regions in this area, apartment upper Kothaiyar which falls in Kanyakumari district where annual rainfall easily crosses 5000 mm] Here in Kuthireivetti, in November 1992, I think, one day annual rainfall of about 99 cm occurred on 11 Nov 1991. But this was NOT accounted properly . The Bombay Burma Trading Company is [Wadia Group] owning the Tea estates there. Perhaps they may be having rainfall records. Or the PWD, WRO, MANIMUTHAR DAM may be having records to this effect.
Chennai - This showery activity is predicted after 29-jan and till 3-Feb.. this is just a Small easterly moisture component.
Chennai - now 12:44pm, Another shower moving in from North-east from Sea.
Chennai - Today from morning its like a North-East monsoon season.
Chennai - Heavy moisture is moving in from North-east... causing more scattered showers... Saidapet just received a minor drizzle.
South and South-west Bay will get active from 29-Jan-10.. and this will produce scattered showers for Tamilnadu ..
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Latest satellite shot will not show anything ... here it is .. a CLEAR India with a Clear looking Bay as well ..
Chennai - May get a medium shower or two before the skies clear off for the day... this trend will continue till 3-Feb-10
Chennai - now 9:17am having some sprinkles of rain.. here in Pallavaram, pammal and Polichalur'
Chennai - These Cloud formation and showers are expected after 29-Jan-10.
Chennai - A different morning... a sharp rise in minimum temperature 24.3°C (7:33am) and with HEAVY cloud formation from North-east