Friday, July 11, 2014

Tibetian High and CMA

[1] The head Bay low formation is evident.

[2] Now only the Ganga Nagar head bay monsoon trough established. Rains will be experience along the trough lines

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China is monitoring Tibetan High Pressure system.

Weather Instagram at July 11, 2014 at 06:04PM

5:50pm, sharp showers now over Thiruvallur zone. Around 40km WNW from #chennai . #weather

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Weather Instagram at July 11, 2014 at 05:53PM

5:50pm, sharp showers now over Thiruvallur zone. Around 40km WNW from #chennai . #weather

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#chennai - 3pm, another fully cloudy day with drizzle around. Overnight rain IWM Polichalur 8.7mm. #weather

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Why any monsoon revival from now on is just too late to prevent GDP and Agricultural Growth from slipping into the red

According to an ASSOCHAM study, with every one per cent deficit in rains, the country's gross domestic product (GDP) falls by 0.35 per cent. In monetary terms, a 10% deficiency shaves off Rs 360,000 crores from the country's GDP hurting lakhs of jobs, mostly in the unskilled sector.

Active monsoon weekend ahead for S-E,West-coast,N,central Peninsula India

Today, the low,mid-level circulation is seen over N Bay ... and upper-level is tilted S-W, lies over W-N-W Bay.. 
In next 42hrs, the Bay circulation will push into Odisha coast, upper-level circulation into N-E Andhra coast ... 

In the Arabian sea side, today a mid-level circulation seen along S Gujarat coast ... 
Upper-level circulation seen over N-E Arabian sea near to N Maharastra coast, expected to come near to coast in 36hrs 
The offshore trough along W coast is expected to be active during next 3 days ... 

Due to these systems...
#Monsoon is expected to ACTIVE all along W,S-W coast and along S-E coast, East India during next 3 days !

Rainfall alert till Saturday midnight
During next 36hrs...
HEAVY and widespread rain expected from S,S-E Gujarat coast to central Kerala ... 
Some rain will push into S,S-central Gujarat during next 36hrs.
Only scattered rain expected over S Kerala during till Saturday night !
#Mumbai to get more HEAVY rain during next 36hrs !

On the E,S-E coast, N,central Peninsula...
Heavy T showers expected over E,N-E Maharastra, S,central Chatisgarh during next 36hrs.
Heavy scattered rain expected over N,N-E Andhra and
Widespread T showers for Odisha till Saturday midnight! ... 
S Bengal to get some T showers on Saturday evening!
During next 48hrs, scattered moderate rain expected over N,N-E,S Karnataka.
Today, tomorrow - Moderate showers forecast for N,N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai and into S Andhra.

Most of N,N-W,central India to have less rain activity during next 42hrs.
N-E India will continue to have active monsoon (widespread rain) during next 2 days !

Mumbai rain !!

Mumbai - rain continues (10:44am) ...
Pouring cats and dogs today in #Mumbai (10:42am) ...  
So much of rain!! #mumbai (10:32am) ...