Thursday, January 03, 2008

Digital Compass Watch with Altimeter XG-55

The Digital Compass Watch with Altimeter provides the essential information while you hike, camp, bike and perform other outside activities: especially for extended periods of time.
The Digital Compass Watch with Altimeter features electronic sensors which monitor the outdoor conditions (e.g. weather forecast, temperature, barometer, altitude, and compass directions)
The Digital Compass Watch with Altimeter also includes regular time, dual time, daily alarm, chronograph, and a timer in a sleek water resistant case.

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Cold winter afternoon

We are back for blogging!
Today morning it was cold as usual, 21.0°C @ 6:31am.
Around 10 AM it was sunny and suddenly it became cloudy and temperature started falling, now it's 27.3°C @ 3:07PM and it's falling at the rate of -0.16°C/hr.
Moreover the humidity during the past 5 days is also low.
Chennai might receive some drizzles during the coming weekend, so expect an cold, windy and slightly wet weekend.

Happy 2008

Happy 2008 to all our readers.