Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24, 2016 at 07:25PM

5:30pm, cloudy over N India, isolated T showers over w ghats of S Karnataka, Kerala. #weather

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Yesterday, Super HOT over Peninsula, Bhira 42.8 C, Tirupathi 42.7 C.. and many more stations witnessed above 40 C ...

Today, at low-levels, a circulation seen near N Kerala coast, E Karnataka & W Andhra another over Bangladesh..

Today again Super #HOT conditions expected over S,central Andhra into N,NE,central Tamilnadu and Chennai.

RT @iwmpolichalur: >> 1:14pm, Polichalur, #Chennai - Temp: 35.3C, Wind: 1.7Kph from 109, Humid: 54%, Pressure: 1008.0mb

Temperature along SE coast (Andhra, Tamilnadu, Chennai) are expected to come down from 24/25th as the winds are expected to be more Easterly. But HOT days to continue over interior S,central, NW and North of Peninsula till Sunday and beyond ...
On #Holi day , 24-Mar... North,NW,central India to see a mini surge in day temps, "a sample of summer" before WD reaches the zone on Friday.

Next 36hrs, Scattered T showers to continue over w-ghats, adjoining zones of Kerala into SW Karnataka and W-ghats, S-tip Tamilnadu. 
And scattered T showers to continue over NE states of India...
A strong WD trough is expected to reach N,NW,W India on Friday ...