Saturday, April 21, 2012

RT @saifarash: Partly cloudy skies,clouds will increase tonight, rain expected E Malapuram , Kozhikode - a pic 6.30pm
chennai - IPL match.. weather will be HOT, HUMID and with breeze from E-S-E
A strong circulation with heavy moisture is expected to reach central, N.Tamilnadu, chennai coast on 24,25-Apr..
Still COLA models expect the S.BAY circulation to become strong thru monday and reach Central,N.Tamilnadu coast on 25-Apr.!
chennai - sea breeze from E-S-E has started and temp. expected to reduce around 4:30pm
chennai - after having a high cloud cover till 12pm ... temp. at 3:10pm is 35.0°C and feels like 43.4°C ..#WoW
Today, the S.Bay circulation still persists but with less cloud activity around it...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.00am, After yesday's fair weathr, today Sun is out with a vengeance, Clear sky, bright sunshine..
RT @saifarash: Heavy Rain and T'Storms E Malappuram Kozhikode a picture from my house 5pm today Kerala (20-Apr)