Friday, May 09, 2014

One more video of Badlapur storm of 07-May-2014.

First half of video has Dust storm & second half has squally Heavy Shower..

Chennai at 6:20pm

#chennai - 6:20pm, stiff winds from South. Almost no sign of #rain, but expected.

West to East drift of 91 B over land.

 (a) Almost from west coast [but stayed always inland] the system 91B drifted towards east [nearing Bay in AP]
i.e roughly from 77 Deg E to 80 Deg E

(b) There is no moisture feeding from Areabian Sea.  But in coure of time Bay will supply moisture. 

(c) Upper level winds are dragging in N-NEly direction.

(d) Drifted, say from Karwar in west to south of Hyderaba in East.

(e) This made bad weather in Vijayawada and along River Krishna in AP
(f) Further drift will lead to entering into Bay and perhaps further intensification.  This has to be seen.

91B - Rain update at 2:30pm

2:30pm, Heavy rain near Hyderabad, N,N-central Andhra into S Odisha. T showers popping along N,central W-ghats Kerala 

#Chennai - 3:50pm, T showers seen over S Andhra around 90km N-W from city ... 
Tonight Rain expected for city as well

This was Calicut beach, Kerala, today at 1:52pm... #instagram

Light Dust Storm In South Punjab India 8-5-2014 near Malout zone

Vellore - 12:53pm

91B - Inland and Expected to weaken in next 18hrs

Analysis as of 11:30am, suggests that the LOW pressure system 91B is now over N-E Karnataka and along W.N-W Andhra.
Here's the 11:30am, visible satellite shot, which shows ... Heavy rain along its N-E quadrant over N-E Andhra and into S Chatisgarh.
Meanwhile, moderate scattered rain continue along S,central coast Karnataka and N,central Kerala coast.

GFS suggests that during next 18hrs... the circulation will weaken and merge with the N-S trough running from S-E Uttarpradesh, N Chatisgarh to S Tamilnadu along S-E coast of India.
By tomorrow evening, this trough is expected to drift East into Bay along S-E coast of India, by that time the trough is expected from N Bengal, Bihar to South upto W,W-Central Bay.

In 24hrs, Another suggestion is that at mid-level (700hpa) the remnant of 91B is expected to be over Chatisgarh, Jharkhand and its trough is expected to dip South upto S-E Arabian sea.

*** Rainfall warning ***

As 91B is expected to drift N-E and weaken during next 24hrs...
Before tonight, HEAVY rain expected along it's S,E,S-E,N-E quadrants.
Before midnight, today, Scattered HEAVY rain expected over S,central,N-E,E Karnataka, most of Andhra, N,N-W,N-E,S-tip Tamilnadu and into S,central Chatisgarh, S Odisha.
After midnight and into morning of 10-May... more scattered Heavy rain for N,N-E,central,S,coast Andhra, N,N-E, #Chennai Tamilnadu and into S,central Chatisgarh, S,central Odisha.
Till tomorrow morning, scattered showers expected to continue along Kerala coast and along S,central coast Karnataka.
By afternoon of 10-May, T showers are expected to be back over W-ghats of Kerala and T showers also for most of Odisha.

#Chennai is expected to receive a T shower today before midnight or towards morning of 10-May.
RT @uzair432: Rains drench hyderabad today morning. Moderate urban flooding reported in many areas. Temparature down to 22.4 @ 9:30 am

#chennai - 11:05am, warm with scattered high cloud cover. Breeze from S-S-W @ Chennai International…

Kerala rain - News report and photos

Heavy rains in Kerala: normal life disrupted, 20 trains cancelled ... 
Heavy rain stalls life in north Kerala ... 
Rain plays havoc in Kerala, two killed ... 
Heavy rains in Kerala caused by global warming: Scientist ... 

The Line of Wind Discontinutiy and the drag of depression [91B]

As predicted by most of the weather analyst and [including IMD] weather enthusiasts the depression moved in NEly direction and moved close to Line of Wind Discontinuity.    

The Line of Wind Discontinuity is an established pattern during pre monsoon period.  Actually the depression caught hold of  this line or it moved close to this line. 

This time the Line of Wind Discontinuity is well pronounced at higher levels too.  

At higher latitudes this discontinuity line is weak and thus the system will dissipate soon over central India and  there wont be much moisture dragging from seas and thus DRY TS / DUST storm or sometimes TS with light rain will be possible.

91B Low Pressure , 09th May 2014

91B (or) BB-1 Circulation
09th May 2014
850 hPa winds