Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monsoon covering Maldives and Sri Lanka....details here
Storm in Pune; crazy winds lightning n rain lashing out City at present. Reports Vijay at 7 pm Thursday.

Nagercoil - Heavy showers over Western parts of District... It's like monsoon already there ! Pechiparai records 47mm 4:30pm
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Confirmed pre mansoon showers with amazing winds n lightning here in Kolhapur(MH). Was dearly expecting rains!
COLA model predicts Monsoon over S.Kerala coast will start exactly on 1-Jun-2011 ..
Today, a weak S-W current can be observed over Andaman islands ... Prefect current will set on 28/29-May ..
On 25-May, 44.9 C  was recorded at  Bramhapuri (Maharashtra)
Chennai - Having a mild day.. with a breeze from E-S-E ... temp. now 4:12pm is 31 deg C. Low cloud formation has ceased !
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.15am, yestday 39.5-25C, now it is sunny, hot and windy. Small patches of floating upper clouds from SW.
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Amazingly dry, cloudless n hot summer afternoon here in Kolhapur(MH). Temp close to 37 deg. (1pm)
Some early hour T.showers visible over entire S. Andhra.. and now it's heavily clouded.
RT @abhinavnitk: Aftr yesterday rain ... bangalore 2day is gr8 mrng climate :-) (7am)
S,S-W Srilanka is getting massive Monsoon showers for the past 24 hrs, Monsoon like showers are seeping into S. Kerala, S.Tip Tamilnadu
Present W.D over Kashmir, Himachal will continue till 29-May.. heavy showers expected Today, Tomorrow.
Heavy T.shower forecast for S. karnataka, S. andhra, N. Tamilnadu from today till Sunday, 29-May..
RT @Subha288: @chinmayi I think solar powered cycle rickshaws will be way cool in chennai or any where in India
Heavy T.showers forecast for N-E,S. Andhra for another 24 hrs ...
Heavy showers forecast for all kerala coast from 30-May... perfect monsoon set will be on 1-Jun-2011 ...
RT @kameshkk: A hour long brisk walk at Chennai is possibly eqvt to an hour's sprint elsewhere. The heat,humidity saps our energy immensely.
Chennai - 75% Cloudy morning with signs of early T.cell formation ... percentage for a T.shower is increased to 50%