Monday, June 14, 2010

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Chennai - 70% chance of a sharp shower from south-west after midnight.

Rainfall data from 1-Jan-2010 to 14-Jun-2010

India toppers from 1.1.10 to 14.6.10
Cherrapunji - 652 cm
Passighat - 201 cm
Silchar - 195 cm
Itanagar - 148 cm
North Lakhimpur - 143 cm
Dhubri - 142 cm
Dibrugarh - 141 cm
Gangtok - 140 cm
Coochbehar - 121 cm
Lengpui - 111 cm
Guwahati - 109 cm
Kottayam - 105 cm
Agartala - 102 cm
Tezpur - 100 cm
Kochi - 100 cm

Tamilnadu toppers from 1.1.10 to 14.6.10
Valparai (Coimbatore dt) – 76 cm
Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt) – 71 cm
Chinna Kallar (Coimbatore dt) 61 cm
Kuzhithurai (Kanyakumari dt) – 58 cm
Devala (Nilgiris dt) – 53 cm
Thalli (Krishnagiri dt) – 43 cm
Kodaikanal (Dindigul dt)– 42 cm
Thuckalay (Kanyakumari dt) – 42 cm
Boothapandi (Kanyakumari dt) – 38 cm
Kothagiri (Nilgiris dt) – 35 cm
Ketti (Nilgiris dt) – 35 cm
Chennai - Shower possibility for chennai on Wed, 16-Jun.. ... as a new circulation forms over W.Bay just E-N-E of chn
Very heavy showers predicted for Coastal Maharastra, Mumbai on 16-Jun, WEdnesday...
IMD :: Increase in rainfall activity along west coast, south Gujarat and over northeastern states.
Western disturbance will affect western Himalayan region and adjoining plains during next 3-4 days
Rain map of 13-Jun...
FULL ... Rainfall data of 13-Jun-10... PDF...
6pm, Monsoon showers continue over Coastal Karnataka and Entire Kerala ...
6pm, Heavy thunder showers over N-N-E. Chatisgarh, S. Jharkand ...
6pm, Showers over S. and W. Maharastra, S. Gujarat ...
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Rainfall around chennai from 1-Jan-2010 to 14-Jun-2010

Rainfall around chennai from 01.1.10 – 14.6.10

REDHILLS – 264 mm
POONDI – 139 mm

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Monsoon makes gains along the east coast ...
northern limit of Monsoon passes through Mumbai, Pune, Osmanabad, Hyderabad, Waltair, Cuttack, Burdwan, Malda and Gangtok.

Monsoon makes gains along the east coast

The monsoon is standing pat on the west coast while making gains over the east coast on Sunday, an India Meteorological Department (IMD) update said.
The seasonal rains have advanced into most parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh, the Bay of Bengal and coastal Orissa; entire North-eastern States; and parts of Gangetic West Bengal and Sikkim.

Northern limit

The northern limit passed through Mumbai, Pune, Osmanabad, Hyderabad, Waltair, Cuttack, Burdwan, Malda and Gangtok.
The IMD assessed that conditions are favourable for its further advance into entire central Arabian Sea and parts of north Arabian Sea; entire Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh during the next three days.
The monsoon is also tipped to cover southern parts of Gujarat and Chhattisgarh; parts of Orissa and Gangetic West Bengal; entire Sikkim; and parts of Jharkhand and east Bihar during the next three days.
Meanwhile, the ‘low' over the west-central Bay persisted for the fourth day on Sunday and continued to pull in the south-westerly flows over the Arabian Sea and the Bay.

Stubborn system

The stubborn system has defied model outlooks that suggested a slow but measured westward movement across the peninsula and into the Arabian Sea.
On Wednesday, the US National Centres for Environmental Predictions (NCEP) located the system ‘half over sea and half over land' straddling the south coastal Andhra Pradesh coast
The system may hang in over the region for another day but may start to weaken subsequently before fading out entirely, the NCEP outlook suggested.
A cyclonic circulation is tipped to spring up off the Gujarat coast towards alter this week and could start puling in the flows to itself.
Once this starts, areas to the southwest might see a temporary weakening of the flows, as seen by Dr Akhilesh Gupta, leading operational forecasters and Advisor to the Department of Science and technology. The Global Forecasting System model of the US Navy's Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Centre (FNMOC) showed a core of rains prowling the Konkan-Mumbai-Gujarat coast from mid-week this week.

Slow grind

The system is shown to put itself into a slow grind while raining it down over the coastal areas of the region over the rest of the week.
The FNMOC too saw flows to the southwest getting affected as a result.
However, the precipitation outlook from both the NCEP and FNMOC ventured to suggest that the west coast as a whole would continue to receive varying amounts of rainfall during the week ending June 20.
Entire peninsula and the southern parts of central India would have been covered by the monsoon during this period while heavy rains might erupt over east and north-east India.
The following week (June 21-29) might see a return of ‘fireworks' along the west coast while the southeast coast (most of Tamil Nadu) would see a weakening in rainfall activity.
But the monsoon would have made further advances in the east and northeast, even running up to parts of the northwest (including west Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana).
Only Rajasthan would be left out of the footprint of monsoon by June 29 up to which extended NCEP forecasts were available on Sunday.
Meanwhile, an IMD warning said that the ongoing strong monsoon flows would trigger isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall would over the north-east; Konkan, Goa, coastal Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Orissa, West Bengal and Sikkim during the next two days.
Extended forecast until Friday suggested an increase in rainfall activity along west coast, south Gujarat and over the Northeastern States.
In separate warnings for respective regions, the Chennai Met centre on Sunday said squally weather with wind speed reaching 50-60 km/hr is likely along and off the Kerala coast and over Lakshadweep area during the next 24 hours. Strong onshore winds from a westerly direction with speed reaching 45-55 km/hr is likely along and off the Karnataka coast during this period.
Strong offshore winds from a southwesterly direction speed reaching 45-55 km/hr are likely along and off the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts as well.
3:30pm, Heavy thunder showers popping out over S-W maharastra, N. and N-E Karnataka ...
3:30pm, Showers reduced for S. Kerala...
3:30pm, Showers along entire west coast has slightly subsided but heavy showers continue over Kerala..
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RT @rohinik: Clouds have disappeared, the sun's out. And it's warmer now compared to morning. Enjoyed the rain while it lasted. mumbai
RT @sarathsankar044: rain. kerala beneath thick and black clouds , almost full day here we have rain (1:17pm)
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MJO may not affect the S-W monsoon current over India... lets hope so.. because a DRY phase is expected when the monsoon will be at its peak
MJO predicts a WET phase for peninsula till 3-Jul-10.. and a monsoon break from 10-Jul to 31-Jul expected ...
GFS predicts very heavy showers along maharastra coast in 24 hrs ...
Chennai - Max. Temp. 36.2°C (2:51pm) and wind is from S-S-W
Chennai - Started the day with Fully cloudy with medium high clouds... now its scattered and humidity is on higher side.
Monsoon 7 percent less but best in 4 years ...
Monsoon hits Orissa ...
Widespread rainfall in KANYAKUMARI ....
Rain brings inflow into reservoirs in and around Coimbatore ...
Showers in catchment areas raise storage level in Periyar dam (Tamilnadu)....
Incessant rain hits normal life in the Nilgiris ...

RAINFALL ENDING 8.30AM - 13.06.2010

Tamilnadu heavy weights
Valparai (Coimbatore dt) 12 cm
Chinna Kallar (Coimbatore dt) 9 cm
Devala (Nilgris dt) 8 cm

Nilgris dt
Kothagiri 20 cm
Gudalur bazaar 5 cm
Ketty 5 cm
Naduvattam 5 cm
Kundha Bridge 2 cm
Coonoor 1 cm
Uthamapalayam 1 cm

Kanyakumari dt
Pechiparai 4cm
Kuzhithurai 2cm
Boothapandy 1cm
Kanyakumari 1cm
Thuckalay 1cm

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Pulse from the bay "low" has fulfilled its duties ...
11:30am, for the 2nd day today, North Bay is very active along Coastal Orissa, Bengal and Bangladesh...
11:30am, Heavy showers over Mumbai, Coastal maharastra, Coastal Karnataka and all over Kerala continues...
Monsoon hits Mangalore flight service ...
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In time for the monsoon, Mumbai to get a Doppler radar ...
RT @rajugana: RT @weatherofindia: Baroda: 9.40 AM, Sunny, very hot and sultry. Clear skies, so far, no pre-monsoon showers to hit this part.

Pulse from the bay "low"

The pulse from the bay "low" has fulfilled its duty!The predicted upper air cyclonic circulation is in the forming stage off the west coast today (IMD Map). The Maharashtra coast has been spotted with heavy rains since Sunday night 

(IMD rain Map), and Mumbai getting a drenching on Monday morning with a heavy thunderstorm.Vengurla got 190mms,Goa 65mms and Ratnagiri 46mms. 

During this week the system could start attracting the flows towards itself and cover the entire west coast. 
FNMOC forecast shows a swath of rains along the Konkan-Mumbai-Gujarat coast from Tuesday, this week.The system, with the off shore trough, will be raining down over the western coastal areas over the rest of the week.

On the contrary, the eastern coast, comprising Tamil Nadu, A.P, and Orissa, will be much drier with scanty rains during the week in discussion. I see the "low" fizzling out "on-the-spot" near the T.N.coast itself by Monday itself. But the region North of Orissa coast would continue to get heavy rains.

After Wednesday 16th,, some model forecasts show the Northern most point on the west coast( read Gujarat), upto Mumbai, getting drier comparitivly, to some extent. But, the precipitation outlook from NCEP and FNMOC suggest  the west coast as a whole would receive fiarly good amounts of rainfall during the week ending June 20.
Resultantly, we should see the entire peninsula and the southern parts Gujarat and M.P. covered by the monsoon during this period.

Mumbai Colaba had recieved 30mms of rain upto 08.30 hrs on Monday. As per my forecast put up yesterday (13th.), the city should see an increase in rain from evening onwards,peaking tomorrow.
From Friday 18th, Mumbai may see the rainfall intensity diminishing, maybe to around 15-20mms /day.

Violent thunderstorm just started in Mumbai (9 am) Very heavy rain. Dark cumulonimbus with cloud top temperature @-50c over Mumbai. Ground temperature drops to 26c from 29c in a few minutes.