Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Posted Wednesday 18th Evening:

Dense fog in Punjab, Delhi and Western UP have resulted in a sharp fall in day temperatures, with Amritsar not rising over 12.0c on Wednesday, and 13.8c on Tuesday. Most Punjab cities were below 20c in the day. 
Delhi NCR recorded a drop and cold day on Wednesday, with the range around 20c.Mungeshpur was coldest in the day today at 18.3c, while S'Jung aw a high of 22.3c
In UP, Meerut and Hindon high on Wednesday was 19.8c, as versus 20.7c on Tuesday.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Sub Continent ( India, Pakistan and Nepal) Precipitation : Nil ! Dry as a Bone ! NEM showers continue in Sri Lanka.

On Saturday, a trough will start to form (East-West) along the Northern plains. On Saturday, this will bring some cloudiness in the Northern parts of the plains of India.

Sunday 22nd, the above mentioned trough would merge with a WD. Overcast weather with light rains expected on Sunday 22nd, in Punjab and parts of Haryana. 

Delhi NCR would be cloudy, with light rain in some areas. As a result, the current fog would abate from Saturday. By Saturday, Days would get cooler to around 20/21c and nights would edge up a few notches. Delhi weather clears up quickly by Monday.

But, Sunday and Monday heavier and more widespread rains are more likely in Northern Pakistan, and Kashmir and HP regions of India. Snow over the middle hills (Gulmar/Pahalgam/Keylong) possible on Sunday and Monday. Srinagar may get some dusting of snow alongwith rains.

Mumbai: Maximum temperatures in Mumbai have been around 32/33c last few days, with E and NE winds blowing. 

The above mentioned trough will be good for Mumbai, as Northern winds will dominate from Thursday itself, and the day temperatures will see a fall of 2/3c till the week end. The current maximum temperatures in Mumbai are 32/33c. Would expect a fall to 29/30c. A very "smoggy" and low visibility Friday night and Saturday morning. Night lows at Scruz would remain around 15/16c till Saturday, with slight rise on Sunday.
Outer townships too could have a similar effect.

I would not anticipate much change South of Mumbai in the Konkan. The E and NE winds would continue South of Mumbai as the effect of the N winds  from the trough would not be far reaching. S.Konkan and Goa would be warmer in the days.
South winds would warm up Vidharbh for the week end.
Gujarat would have strong Northerly winds, cooling down the days appreciably. Nights would also see a fall in temperatures in Gujarat from Thursday thru Sunday.

The east west trough instability will bring some stray clouds over Kolkata on Friday. The night temperatures would rise as a reslt to around 16/17c. On clearing, a drop and a foggy morning on Sunday.

Chennai, what's with the NEM ? Only NE winds blowing. Chennai, with cool, misty mornings with the mercury reading around 19/20c, there are no signs of any revival (of the NEM ) this week till Sunday. The Vagaries NEM page is also running dry !
Chennai AP has received 486 mms ths season, which is 259 less than normal, and city has guaged up 436 mms, again as much as 382 less than normal.
Clear and cool , foggy mornings for Bangalore. Nights around 13/14c.

From vagaries
Malout - "Thick FOG now" 8:05pm

Fog, Cold, Pollution and W.D

Lucknow zone continues to be COLD below normal, today Lucknow = 5 C and Kanpur = 4.6 C.
#Delhi continues to be FOGGY and low temperature around 9 / 10 C.

#Kolkata today morning records slightly above normal temps... alipur - 15.6 C (+2), dumdum - 13.6 C (+1)
Now 2pm "Dull sunshine"

#COLD - Night and day temp over N,N-W,N-central India is expected to go down from 20 to 24-Dec.

COLD North India is expected to have a W.D circulation on 20-Dec over N,central Rajasthan along with a mid level trough over Pakistan.
Moderate W.D is expected to affect N,N-W India from evening of 20-Dec ...

RT @gaganchauhan90: @weatherofindia Today's thick fog over #punjab #haryana #delhi 
RT @rbrowne: #Delhi pollution levels out of whack. experts consider above 50 to be unhealthy. 

Bangalore - 7am, Misty morning, no winds (cool breeze from east).... chill

#Chennai - 10:38am, Getting warm now, Morning low temperature was 20.3 C at 4:05am

Belt from Punjab to Haryana, #Delhi to entire Uttarpradesh to Bihar and N,central Jharkhand is FOGGY again ..