Friday, March 18, 2011

COLA model still forecasts some thunder showers for S. Tamilnadu and S. Kerala from 20-Mar till 26-Mar
Chennai - had a DRY and warm day... 32.0 C (11:30am) NOT so HOT so Far ..!! .. and stay like this till March end
Heavy rain forecast for Arunachal and Assam from Today till 23-Mar ...
The present Bay UAC is expected to move N-W and come close to N. Tamilnadu coast before weakening on 21-Mar...
RT @akshaydeoras: As mentioned below, Nagpur temperature reached 40C today at 0410PM with a 19% humidity. Temp. relaxes in Mumbai at 35C
HOT Rajasthan on 17-Mar.. Barmer­ 42.2 deg C
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.05am, After yest hot 41-21C, had pleasant winds in the night / morning. Now, It is sunny, hot and humid.