Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ICL 20-20 matches schedule

ICL Twenty20 League Fixtures
Nov 30: Chandigarh Lions v Delhi Jets
Dec 1: Chennai Superstars v Kolkata Tigers
Dec 1: Mumbai Champs v Hyderabad Heroes
Dec 2: Delhi Jets v Hyderabad Heroes
Dec 2: Chandigarh Lions v Kolkata Tigers
Dec 3: Mumbai Champs v Chennai Superstars
Dec 5: Hyderbad Heroes v Chandigarh Lions
Dec 7: Mumbai Champs v Delhi Jets
Dec 8: Chennai Superstars v Chandigarh Lions
Dec 8: Delhi Jets v Kolkata Tigers
Dec 9: Hyderabad Heroes v Chennai Superstars
Dec 9: Mumbai Champs v Chandigarh Lions
Dec 10: Mumbai Champs v Kolkata Tigers
Dec 12: Chennai Superstars v Delhi Jets
Dec 12: Hyderbad Heroes v Kolkata Tigers
Dec 14: Semi-final I
Dec 15: 5/6 classification; Semi-final II
Dec 16: 3/4 classification; Final

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After a day of moisture

After a day of relatively high humidity and little rain, today evening it was again DRY and getting cold.
Today's temperatures HIGH 31.0°C @ 11:33am and LOW 23.7°C @ 6:21am.
Satellite pic was a clear picture. So nothing to expect in near future in terms of rain, only the temperature and humidity will come down.

Chennai MRTS

Mass Rapid Transit System is now operating between the Chennai Beach and Velachery from, November 19, 2007.