Thursday, August 22, 2013

Heavy rain over most of Madhyapradesh

#Kolkata - 2:24pm, after sunshine DumDum zone got a shower.

#Chennai - Yesterday's late evening rainfall stats, Airport = 11.2mm, Nungambakkam = 6.2mm. 
So far (5:07pm) NO sign of Sea breeze, rain.

4pm, Heavy rain seen ALL over Madhyapradesh due to the circulation and rain popping over E,N.Rajasthan, N. Maharastra 

Kolkata - Finally sunshine !

RT @chetanishere: #Kochi Cochin International Airport nice sunny morning @weatherofindia (8am)

RT @ganpatteli1: @weatherofindia Drizzling in #delhi since morining. (9:57am)

#Bangalore - 9:47am, "pretty clear weather"

#chennai - 2pm, Sunny! Temperature around 33 C. Mild breeze from West. "Rain expected for city, suburbs today as well"

1:30pm, as the circulation, LOW is moving West.. Heavy rain over central,E. Madhyapradesh seen ... 
1:30pm, Most of W,S-W coast is "Silent" again .. some showers seen over S-coast Maharastra, S. Kerala ..

#Kolkata - 1:53pm, "Bright and sunny after almost 4 days"
Wednesday Mid Night Posting:

BB-10 has moved NW, and was positioned at 23N and 83E as on Wednesday night. Still at 994 mb, it has resulted in strong gusty NW winds in Vidharbh. The SW and W quadrant is still showing convectivity.
Expected to weaken and track W/NW along the axis.

Many places in Jharkand and adjoining Chattisgarh and MP received good rainfall. Parts of Vidharbh too got fairly good rainfall on Wednesday.
Several places in Punjab Pakistan received some rainfall on Wednesday.

Storm "Trami" in the Pacific is now at 970 hpa strength, and just North of Taiwan. It has produced a strong trough in a SW direction, and has an embedded Low "pulse" at 998 mb and 107E and 20N, off Northern Vietnam Coast.. Keeping a track on this as it moves Westwards along the axis.