Friday, January 21, 2011

Scattered light rain/snow has occurred over J and K, Himacahal
Pradesh, isolated rainfall occurred over Sub­Himalyan Bengal and Sikkim
Secondary low (to W.D.) formed on the Rajasthan/Pakistan border ..
5pm, Rain pushing into Iran from Saudi Arabia ... N-W India waiting for more cloudiness ...
Present strong N-W or westerlies will continue to sweep across central, N-W India till 25-Jan...
Feeble western disturbances will continue to affect Kashmir and N-W India till 25-Jan.
Next wave of easterlies will start to fill S-E Bay from 24-Jan and will reach Srilanka on 26-Jan... More rain for Srilanka towards month end
North westerlies from Central India will dip into Tamilnadu till 24-Jan, after that the easterlies will be strong over S. India.
Chennai - Another cold morning... 19.7 C (6:32am)
FIRST BIG WINTER RAIN FOR A WIDE AREA .. Rain from Arabia to Iran ...
Latest Snippet:
Secondary low (to W.D.) formed on the Rajasthan/Pakistan border, larger portion into Sindh. Possibility of cloudy weather in South Rajasthan and light rain in some areas on 21/22.
An Easterly wave may get some momentum in the Bay and move towards Sri Lanka. Possibility of precipitation nearing Eastern Sri Lanka by Monday,24th.