Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mumbai Forecast: The dust cloud gets thinner on Thursday, and visibility will improve as the winds change direction. Thursday: Day temperature will be around 34/35c and night ( Thursday Morning low) will be 20c. Winds will divert slightly to NE position and will see a nominal rise in day's heat as humidity level remains low. Dust cloud visibility will improve from Wednesday's situation.
Friday: As NE winds continue, the day temperature will rise to 36c, and dry heat will be felt.
Saturday/Sunday: Hot dry winds get stronger, and the day's heat increases to 37/38c.Low  (night) temperatures will be around 22c on the weekend.

Thursday/Friday: days will be in the current range of 37c, with nights still having the slight nip, being low at 15/16c.
Saturday/Sunday : Could see some warming up, specially the nights get warmer to around 18c.

Nagpur: Touched a high of 40.5c today. Expecting the days to remain around the 40c mark next few days.
The trough explained in Vagaries' weekly forecast ( Put up on Sunday) will keep the region marked in "pink" warm this weekend.

Dry weather for Southern India.
Bangalore was 35.4c today. By normal standard for B'Lore I would put it as quite Hot ! But, it shows as only 1c above normal for 21st March ! Bit surprising !
Isolated T.showers over S. Kerala to continue till 27-Mar and beyond.
Northern parts of N-E states will continue to have scattered showers from Today till 27-Mar and beyond...
A fresh easterlies will break into S-E Corner of Bay on 26/27-Mar.
Present circulation over S. Bay will move over Srilanka on 26-Mar.. scattered T.showers possible for Srilanka from today.
7:30pm, W.D has vanished from Kashmir and Himachal, cloudy over S. Karnataka, N,central Kerala..
Today, Dust/haze is prevailing over  Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan,
Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
West, N-W India will start heating up again after 24-Mar..
HOT conditions will prevail over N. peninsula especially over Maharastra till 27-Mar and beyond !
Cooler DAY conditions for N, N-W, Central India for next 2 days..
Today, HOT conditions prevailed over Maharastra, N, N-W India getting cooler and a circulation has formed over S. Bay..
chennai - recorded a max. temp of 33.7°C (11:47am).. Now 7pm having good sea breeze from East
RT @ramutwits: @lakshmisharath @weatherofindia the weather in Coimbatore is like this.. see the screen shot! (1:52pm)
RT @albinantony: @weatherofindia Hot day in kottayam , Kerala

Sand Plumes take a perpendicular direction along N.Mah. Coast as winds change to North Direction.Though scattering, Mumbai will see haze and dust covering sky by afternoon. Visibility expected to drop to 800 mts. And hazy sun (75%).

Dust Storm makes Ahmedabad Gardabad...
Desert winds bring dust, haze to Delhi...
storm rips through Kashmir..
Bangalore - going to be another HOT week with humidity on lower side from 23-Mar.. Mild wind from E-S-E..
Remnant of 19-Mar DUST storm can be seen hanging over Gujarat, Rajasthan, N-W Madhyapradesh and along N-W maharastra..
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chennai - a warm morning to start with.. 26.6°C (6:22am).. temp. expected to reach 35 deg C before 12:30pm