Monday, December 01, 2008

"96B" - A far away new LOW

As expected, we received a mild shower yesterday night(10:30PM).
Today(1-Dec-08), from morning only patchy "spongy" cloud formations can be seen, nothing threatening.
Still some heavy showers can be seen over Interior & South Tamilnadu.
This weather also will clear out for a DAY or TWO before the next weather system moves in.
Already US Navy is tracking a NEW low system as "96B".
It's situated at South-west of Andaman islands. Far away from us.
No significant formations can be seen in latest satellite pic.
Almost all numeric models are showing the Dec-6th Cyclone or depression, making landfall near North-Tamilnadu and South-Andhra.
The NEW system might reach us, around 6th or 7th of December.
Here are some latest numeric models from different agencies..

"Cyclones in December" - Another good research

Another good research done by one of our active reader "pradeep john"

"I have dig some more cyclones which were formed in december and moving towards Bangladesh




Approx in every 10 years a cyclone in December moves towards Bangladesh last being in 1990

i have been tracking cyclones from my Hindu Pages from 1995 and i have not seen one go northwards in december

it seems our predicted future cyclone will not move up towards Bangladesh or even is coming towards Tamilnadu or South Andhra"