Monday, July 21, 2014

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 4.48, Sunny, Windswept day with partly cloudy sky.. floating puffy clouds pic 

Weather Instagram at July 21, 2014 at 05:35PM

#chennai - a warm evening again. Less rain in July so far. Less chance of rain today. #weather

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#Chennai - 1:30pm, HOT July continue, 36 C (feels like 41 C).
Yesterday light rain.. Nungambakkam = 2.7mm

#Chennai - Depending on strength of sea breeze, Today evening there's a 15% chance of light rain after 4pm.
RT @IamKanal: Heavy Rain #Kochi @weatherofindia (11:45am)

Today, the N Bay circulation is seen over N-E Odisha coast and S Bengal coast ...
12:30pm, Due to this circulation HEAVY rain seen over Odisha, S,central Chatisgarh, E Maharastra, N,N-E Andhra ... 

Present LOW,circulation over N-E Odisha, S Bengal is expected to move West upto N,central Madhyapradesh in 42hrs 
Low,mid-level circulation associated with this LOW is expected to move West into E,central Madhyapradesh by 22-Jul 

Meanwhile the upper-level circulation is expected to drift across Odisha, S Chatisgarh and push into N,N-E Maharastra 

Today, West coast offshore trough is active from N Maharastra coast to N Kerala coast... 
W-coast offshore trough is expected to be active from N-central Maharastra coast to N,central Kerala for next 2 days.
A weakening expected in W-coast offshore trough from 25-Jul !!